A pothole gets listed as a 'historical Landmark' in Bengaluru on Google Maps

A pothole gets listed as a 'historical Landmark' in Bengaluru on Google Maps

Bengaluru residents tagged a pothole on Google Maps and are calling it a famous and must-visit spot in the city.

Story highlights
  • Bengaluru pothole made it to Google Maps. 
  • Citizens gave 5-star ratings and call it a must-visit place.
  • Google Maps reviews also feature photos of potholes with must-visit reviews.

'Abizer's Pothole', a new landmark in the city of Bengaluru, has made its way to Google Maps. For those who don't know, Bengaluru is popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India. The city is a hub for IT companies and is known for its urban living. Bengaluru also boasts its famous landmarks, including the Bengaluru Palace, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, commercial cities and more.
A Bengaluru citizen named Nimo Tai brought netizens' attraction to a new landmark of Bengaluru city aka a pothole. Tagged as the 'historical landmark', the pothole is named 'Abizer's Pothole' and is situated in the Bellandur area of Bengaluru. The pothole even got 5-star ratings and reviews by residents on Google.

Tai posted the screenshot of the Abizer's Pothole on Google reviews and Twitter and wrote, " In Bangalore, potholes are landmarked on Google and have reviews."

Addressing the issue of poor road infrastructure, netizens joined the thread of Abizer's Pothole review and posted some hilarious reactions. One of the Twitter user wrote, "Visited it during late night hours. It slowed me and asked me to tell a story. It was a scary experience. It did not let me go until I finished a story for it. Story of a corrupt government which had all the resources but kept the public away from bare minimums." "Very good pothole. Must visit at least once. Guaranteed to hit your chassis in the right places", another review stated.

One of the netizens even referred to the landmark palace to test the car suspension. "Best pothole I have seen so far. A true back-breaking experience, and also a testing ground for your car suspension," he wrote.

Another user also gave the pothole a 5-star rating on Google Maps and wrote, "Top tier pothole, great location very close to many grocery stores and all good schools."

The landmark was deleted from Google Maps following the viral meme outage. But the dedicated citizens made another map location with 'New Abizer's Pothole' giving it 5-star reviews and ratings.

Well, this is not the first time that Bengaluru netizens have shed light on the poor infrastructure in the city. The city has been facing heavy floods amid rain due to the poor drainage system. Roads were clogged with water, traffic got stuck and even houses were flooded. The rains also resulted in the appearance of big potholes in the city. While the authorities are still not swift in dealing with the problems, bringing the issue into the public light via memes is a truly innovative way to use social media platforms.