AirPods 3 said to launch alongside iPhone 13 as shipping of components begins

AirPods 3 said to launch alongside iPhone 13 as shipping of components begins

A new report tips that Apple suppliers have started shipping components for the upcoming iteration of AirPods. The production timeline suggests that the TWS earbuds by Apple will be ready for debut by Apple's launch event expected in September.

(Image: YouTube/ EverythingApplePro) (Image: YouTube/ EverythingApplePro)
Story highlights
  • Apple might launch the third-generation AirPods at its fall event.
  • The company is expected to start production in August.
  • The next-gen AirPods will likely feature a completely new design.

As Apple gears up to introduce its iPhone 13 lineup later this year, there might be another interesting product waiting for its launch as well. Apple is expected to debut the third-generation AirPods at the launch event, which is speculation that yet another report has now backed.

The new report sheds light on the industrial side of things as they stand for the next-gen AirPods. While a previous report suggested that the third-generation AirPods will go into production in August, the new piece of information talks of the components needed for it.

A recent DigiTimes report, as spotted by MacRumors, states that shipments of some components of the AirPods have already begun in "small volumes." The report highlights the components as flexible Printed Circuit Boards or FPCBs and SiP modules.

It further claims that this production and shipment will be ramped up in the late third and fourth quarters of the year.

It explains that the production capacities of the industry sources cited in the report have been mostly occupied "by the battery module of the next-generation iPhones." Apple Watch is also occupying part of this capacity.

This has caused a slight delay in their supply for the AirPods, which were previously expected to mark their debut in early 2021.

Though everything seems to be in line now, and if the sources are correct, Apple is sure to launch the next-generation AirPods in its upcoming event.

The new AirPods model will be the first update to the standard AirPods since March 2019. With this, they are expected to feature a completely new design that will, of course, carry the earlier features of wireless charging and voice assistant.

Some earlier speculations have hinted at a shorter stem and a larger than before charging case for the upcoming AirPods. Apple is also expected to fit them with new features that go in tandem with the upcoming iOS 15.

It is speculated that Apple will hold its fall launch event sometime in September second or third week whether the AirPods launch alongside the iPhones or not is something that we will know for sure only on the day of the launch event.