Airtel increases price of its cheapest plan, now costs Rs 155: benefits, validity and more details

Airtel increases price of its cheapest plan, now costs Rs 155: benefits, validity and more details

Bharti Airtel is hiking the price of its lowest recharge monthly plan by 57 per cent. The telco has discontinued Rs 99 in two circles and has now started offering the Rs 155-plan. Here are the details.

Story highlights
  • Airtel discontinues its Rs 99 plan in two States.
  • The telecom operator introduces Rs 155 as lowest prepaid monthly recharge.
  • The plan is also expected to roll out pan India.

Bharti Airtel is raising the price of its minimum recharge of monthly plan by 57 per cent in Haryana and Odisha. The telecom operator will be discontinuing the Rs 99 plan in the two states and will now offer Rs 155 as its lowest prepaid recharge plan. Airtel is also expected to roll out the same plan pan-India

According to Airtel's website and analysts, the telecom operator is discontinuing all the plans under Rs 155 in the two circles. Airtel used to offer a minimum recharge plan of Rs 99, with 200MB data and calls at the rate of Rs 2.5 paise per second for 28 days. But now it will no longer be available, instead Rs 155 will be the new minimum recharge plan.

Research analysts Sanjesh Jain and Akash Kumar in a report by ICICI Securities says "The earlier Rs 99 recharge had Rs 99 talk-time value and very limited data of 200 MB valid for 28 days. In contrast, the now-adopted Rs 155 minimum recharge gives unlimited voice, 1GB data allowance and 300 SMS. This is a massive 57 per cent surge in minimum recharge value, and has been done in the customer segment where affordability matters the most."

Airtel Rs 155 prepaid plan

Airtel's new Rs 155-plan offers unlimited calling, 1 GB data and 300 SMS for 24 days. The pack also clubs additional benefits including free Wynk Music and Hellotunes. The minimum recharge plan comes with a shorter validity compared to the 28-day monthly plan of Rs 99. Also being 57 per cent more expensive, the new plan forces consumers who choose the Rs 155 plan to recharge more frequently.

As per reports, Airtel has started the trial of the new plan in Haryana and Odisha and may roll out the same plan pan India based on its results. Airtel is also expected to discontinue all 28-day calling plans with SMS and data priced under Rs 155. If this happens, users have to recharge with Rs 155 to get SMS services or to continue the SIM if they use Airtel as their secondary number.

Earlier, in 2021, Airtel did a similar price hike for market testing as it increased the minimum recharge offer from Rs 79 to Rs 99 in select circles.