Android 11 new features revealed: Developer Preview 2 brings better animations, variable refresh rate

Android 11 new features revealed: Developer Preview 2 brings better animations, variable refresh rate

Google has released the second Developer Preview of Android 11 and it brings a couple of new additions to enhance security, UI and features for folding devices.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Google released the first Developer Preview of Android 11 and it brought a couple of new features to spice up Android as well as make it easier to live with. However, there's more to Android 11 than what was revealed in the first Developer Preview and now, Google has released the second Developer Preview. The second release has a couple of new additional features across all disciplines.

Similar to the previous previews, the current version of the Preview is available for users to download on a few Google Pixel devices. Users can opt for the Android beta programme and once they opt-in, they can download the new update after the phone notifies the users of the same. You will need to have a Pixel 2 series, Pixel 3 series, Pixel 3a series and Pixel 4 series phones in order to download and test the new preview version of Android 11.
If you are interested in the new Preview of Android 11, here are a couple of features that this one brings with itself.

Android 11 Developer Preview 2 features

Intelligent 5G detection: The new 5GStateAPI in Android 11 will lets apps check for whether the phone is connected to a StandAlone 5G network or a Non-Standalone network. Google says one can use this to take advantage of the superior network speeds.

Hinge angles for foldables: Android 11 can now make use of a hinge angle sensor to while will let apps make use of the changing form factor to offer better user experiences.

Call Screening improvements: Google says that call-screening apps can report a call rejection reason. Apps can also customize a system-provided post call screen to let users perform actions such as marking a call as spam or adding to contacts.

New security permissions for camera and mic: Apps that want to access camera or mic data will now ask users for further permission apart from the usual access requests.

Scoped storage updates: Android 11 will get support for scoped storage and in order to move the data to the new file system, Android 11 will now help with the movement. The update will also help with the movement of the cache files.

Better animations: Android 11 will make use of a new set of APIs to offer smoother animations and transitions. For example, when the keyboard comes up, the animation and transition will be smoother than what happens on Android 10.

Support for higher refresh rates: Apps will now be able to figure what refresh rate is best for it to function. With new APIs, apps will be able to switch the display refresh rate between 60Hz, 90Hz and 120Hz.

Resume on Reboot: Android 11 updates will now install on its overnight. Currently, one needs to reboot once in order to install the update and that requires a manual prompt. Android 11 will restart on its own and continue downloading the update. This means apps can resume normal function and receive messages right away - important since OTA updates can be scheduled overnight while the device might be unattended.