Battlegrounds Mobile India early access is now open for all to download

Krafton has now opened Battlegrounds Mobile India early access for everyone. The company announced the news on Facebook.

Story highlights
  • The early access to Battlegrounds Mobile India was launched on June 17.
  • The developer has now opened early access for everyone.
  • You can download the game on Android by heading to the Google Play store.

After waiting for nearly 10 months for the rebranded Indian variant of the banned PUBG Mobile first-person shooter (FPS) game, PUBG enthusiasts can finally celebrate the opening up of early access to Battlegrounds Mobile India for all.

Battlegrounds Mobile India launched early access to the game's beta version on Thursday, June 18th, but only a limited number of players could sign up as a tester. However, it seems the access is now available for everyone in India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India developer Krafton has now confirmed that the early access version of the game has garnered more than 5 million downloads in merely two days. The developers are rewarding players for helping them reach the milestone.

Players can check the in-game mail to claim the Battlegrounds Mobile India rewards. Users are currently getting the Classic Crate Coupon as a reward for 5 million downloads. After hitting 10 million downloads, players will get a Constable Set.

The company has not revealed its plan for the public release of the Battlegrounds Mobile India app, however, it is speculated that it could be launched later this month after Krafton fixes the bugs in the beta version.

Since the Battlegrounds Mobile India, early access is open for all, you can simply download the game on your Android smartphone by going to the Google Play Store. Before being able to download the game, however, one is greeted with the following message: You need to click on the 'Become A Tester button in order to be able to download the early access version of the game.

In order to differentiate Battlegrounds Mobile India from PUBG, the company has listed out some strict and notable Community Policies and Rules of Conduct for gamers.

The trouble for Battlegrounds Mobile India is not over yet. Few Members of Parliaments across lines have requested the government to ban the game, as it is merely a renamed version of the same game.

To recall, the Government of India had banned PUBG Mobile long with another 117 Chinese apps on September 2, 2020, following the bloodiest violent clashes since 1967, between the Indian Army and the Chinese People's Liberation Army at the Galwan Valley.

The government had alleged that the PUBG app and the other banned Chinese apps, including TikTok, were engaged in activities that were prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity, defence, and security of the country.