Battlegrounds Mobile will accept PUBG Mobile data only till December, here is how to transfer in easy steps

If you have been playing PUBG Mobile Global, you can transfer your data to Battlegrounds Mobile India in easy steps.

Battlegrounds India is now available to download Battlegrounds India is now available to download
Story highlights
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India allows players to migrate their PUBG Mobile data.
  • The data migration process is pretty easy and requires your Facebook, Twitter sign-in information.
  • No players will be able to migrate data from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India after December 31.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available for people who managed to get a slot in the beta programme on the Google Play Store. Those with an APK file handy can also play the game. The Battlegrounds Mobile India is essentially PUBG Mobile with a few changes here, but, more importantly, it brings a legal (and easier) way to enjoy the battle royale game in India. Those who have been playing the PUBG Mobile global version by latching on to a VPN connection may finally stop doing that and come to Battlegrounds Mobile India. And that will need you to transfer your data from PUBG Mobile global account to BGMI.

It is a good thing that Krafton has not cracked down on people who were illegally playing PUBG Mobile by allowing them to migrate their data, but there is a caveat. You can only migrate the data from your PUBG Mobile account to the Battlegrounds Mobile India account by December 31, 2021. According to the pop-up notification in the Battlegrounds India game, transfers after December 31 will "no longer be possible." Krafton is giving ample time to PUBG Mobile players to make a switch, and the way to do that is pretty easy.

Here is how you can transfer your PUBG Mobile data to Battlegrounds India

-- First, you have to install Battlegrounds India on your Android phone using whatever method you think works for you. To check if your phone is supported, you can read this article.

-- Now, open Battlegrounds India and you will see the sign-in option. You can choose to make a new account and then migrate data or do the latter from the beginning. A pop-up appears on the screen to explain to you the terms of data migration and seek your consent.

-- To migrate your data, you need to have your account logged in using either Facebook or Twitter on PUBG Mobile. Battlegrounds India will ask you to sign in using either method to import data. On logging in, a final prompt will appear on the screen to ask you if you are sure to migrate data. Now, tap on "Yes".

Remember that your mails and attachments from PUBG Mobile will not be a part of this data import to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Also, after migration, you will not be able to use the account on PUBG Mobile India, but, rest assured, your progress will be saved on Battlegrounds India and you can continue playing the game from there. Krafton said that it will store the data on Indian servers.