Bill Gates says big tech companies deserve scrutiny from the government

Bill Gates says big tech companies deserve scrutiny from the government

Bill Gates in a podcast said big tech companies deserve rude, unfair and tough questions.

(Source: Reuters) (Source: Reuters)

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in a podcast with Dax Shepard said it is okay for tech companies to face questions and scrutiny from the government and that they deserve it. "If you're as successful as I am or any of those people are, you deserve rude, unfair, tough questions. The government deserves to have shots at you," Gates said. "That type of grilling comes with the super successful territory. It's fine."

On July 29, tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google faced a congressional antitrust meeting. As per reports, Antitrust law is supposed to ensure market competition at a time when the tech bigwigs are being accused of monopoly power.

Gates also praised Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs calling him a wizard who cast people under his spell. "Jobs was a genius, what he did, particularly when he came back to Apple... no one else could do what he did there. I couldn't have done that," Gates said. "He was such a wizard at over-motivating people I was a minor wizard so I couldn't fall under his spell but I could see him casting the spell."

Gates expressed his personal shortcomings saying that he was not very sociable. "I'm not that great socially, I don't know how to cook and I'm very embarrassed I don't speak any [other] languages fluently," he said.

In other news, Microsoft is backing Epic Games in the recent feud between Apple and Epic over the removal of Fortnite from the Apple App Store. Last week, Apple removed Fortnite from App Store as the latter had brought in its own in-app payment system violating App-store policies.

Epic in turn sued Apple and is set to ask a Federal Court to block Apple from cutting off Epic's developer tools and limiting its ability to provide key graphics technology to other apps, as per Bloomberg.

Microsoft uses the same graphics technology known as Unreal Engine for games developed for consoles, PCs and mobile devices.

"Apple's move will place Unreal Engine and those game creators that have built, are building, and may build games on it at a substantial disadvantage," Kevin Gammill, general manager of gaming developer experiences at Microsoft, said in a court declaration. "Developing a game using different game engines for different platforms may be prohibitively expensive and difficult."

Earlier this month, Apple refused to list games on App Store from the tech giants as they did not give individual games for review. Microsoft has been upset with Apple's rules preventing Microsoft's Xbox gaming unit from releasing a cloud-gaming service that works with iPads and iPhones. Microsoft's xCloud service will launch on September 15 with compatibility to Android devices only.