Can you buy it? With iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 deals, Flipkart is playing cheap tricks

Can you buy it? With iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 deals, Flipkart is playing cheap tricks

Flipkart's Big Billion Days promise was to sell iPhones — particularly the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 12 — at special discounted rates. But the actual sale prices, especially of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12, aren't even close to what was advertised. The whole "lowest ever price on the iPhone 13" looks like a cheap trick.

Story highlights
  • iPhone 13 was originally listed for Rs. 49,990 on Flipkart’s Big Billion.
  • The current sale price of the iPhone 13 is Rs. 56,990.
  • iPhone 12 is selling for Rs. 53,990, up from the Rs. 39,990 initial sale price.

The Big Billion Days Sale is in full swing at Flipkart. And if you have been eyeing a spanking new iPhone, well, this is the right time. But is it? The answer is not that simple because between the promise and the delivery lies the nuance that Flipkart has glossed over. Ahead of the Big Billion Days Sale, Flipkart made a number of promises. Most notably around the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13. But now that the Flipkart sale is live, we aren't seeing the prices that the company had promised on the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 12.

In the run-up to the sale, I am sure, many people following the deals and offers must have seen how Flipkart was advertising the iPhone 13's discounted price of Rs 49,900. And the e-commerce platform did stick to the price of Rs 49,900, at least for the initial two minutes of the sale on the first day for Plus members. But about two minutes later, like literally two-minutes later, the iPhone 13 went out of stock. It then came back in stock, again just minutes later, but at a new sale price of Rs 56,990 for the base 128GB variant.

This begs me to ask, was the sale of the iPhone 13 with the special price only for these two minutes? Because most buyers didn't even get the chance to buy the iPhone 13 for the advertised sale price of under Rs 50,000.

Now the current starting price of Rs 56,990 is not that bad. In fact, the current price still offers a solid Rs 13,000 discount on the original selling price. My only issue with the whole situation is why Flipkart had to resort to cheap antics of advertising something, creating a huge hype and then not sticking to the advertised prices for even an hour or so.

Then there is the price of the iPhone 12. This was supposed to be on sale at a price of around Rs 39,990. This too was a brilliant offer. But just like the iPhone 13 deal, this was too short-lived, like for some minutes. The price of the iPhone 12 is now around Rs 54,000. Again, this is weird. A price of Rs 40000 was promised and just as the sale started, the price went up by a whopping Rs 14,000!

I understand that Flipkart is creating buzz around its Big Billion Days Sale by announcing some juicy, but limited, deals. And that, up to an extent, okay. But even if the deals are limited, they have to be limited in a way that respects consumers. By keeping the iPhone 13 or the iPhone 12, phones which are going to be in high demand, at special prices for just a few minutes, Flipkart is indulging in cheap tricks that actually disrespect consumers. And I am not sure if disrespecting or fooling your consumers is a good business. Maybe it will create some buzz for a day or two but once consumers realise how they were taken for a ride, they will never respect that website again.

If you've read my rant so far, you must've already understood that I am not against sale offers and deals. I simply request these e-commerce platforms, especially Flipkart, to not resort to cheap antics and instead just stick to their promises. If a price X was set for a particular product, then it should've remained as X for the sale period, and not changed to Y even before the sale started. The iPhone 13 deal of Rs 49,990 and the iPhone 12 deal of Rs 39,990 were brilliant offers, and I am sure some Flipkart Plus customers -- though I doubt if more than a few — got a chance to get one for themselves. But a far bigger number didn't get the deal. I only wish that Flipkart was more specific with the sale offers, communicating to its shoppers clearly and honestly.