Galaxy A52s the latest Samsung phone in India and it is ridiculously overpriced and under-powered

Galaxy A52s the latest Samsung phone in India and it is ridiculously overpriced and under-powered

Samsung has launched a new phone in India, and just like its other recent phones this one too comes with under-powered hardware compared to its competitors, some bluff and a ridiculously high price.

Samsung Galaxy A52s Samsung Galaxy A52s
Story highlights
  • The Galaxy A52s has a price of Rs 40,999 in India.
  • This is a very high price for a phone that is powered by mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G.
  • Compared to other phones in this price bracket, the Samsung Galaxy A52s looks like poor value.

Samsung has a new phone out in India. In case you can't figure out which one is this, it won't be your fault. The phone, like most of Samsung phones in recent months, has a fairly bland name. It's called the Galaxy A52s. Yet, this is also a phone that you would see again and again on e-commerce sites or in shops in the coming weeks, and you will wonder if it is any good. Well, it might be but it is not as good as other phones available in the market in this price bracket.

Price bracket? Let's clear that first. The Samsung Galaxy A52s has been launched at a price of Rs 40,999 in India. At this price it is clearly underpowered and hence starkly overpriced. Let's explain.

As soon as one takes a look at the Galaxy A52s, it becomes clear that the phone is using core hardware that is a step below what competitors offer in this segment. The Galaxy A52s is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chipset, which is good enough but is undoubtedly a mid-range chipset. The OnePlus 9R, which sells for Rs 39,999, comes with Snapdragon 870G chipset, which is a clear upgrade over the Snapdragon 778G. The Vivo X60, with a selling price of around Rs 35,000, comes with Snapdragon 870. The Mi 11X, with selling price of around Rs 30,000, comes with Snapdragon 870.

And this is the story not with just the chipset of the Galaxy A52s but with almost everything in it. Its main camera might be using a 64-megapixel sensor, but it is inferior to the camera of the X60 and the Mi 11X in use.

The design and construction is boring, uninspiring and cheap-looking compared to something like the design of the OnePlus 9R or the Mi 11X. The software, that Samsung One UI, is more of an acquired taste so some users will like it and some won't, but even there the rounded edges and the colour palette look cartoonish compared to something like Oxygen OS in the OnePlus 9R.

In other words, the Galaxy A52s follows some other recent Samsung A series phones in what it is trying to do. This phone is trying to catch unsuspecting users who will be wowed by the brand name and the Galaxy nomenclature and buy it. But in reality, there are better phones in the market. This upcoming festive season if you are thinking of getting the Galaxy A52s, do so only after you have taken a good look at the OnePlus 9R, Xiaomi Mi 11X, Vivo X60, or even the OnePlus Nord 2 for that matter. They are better phones than the Galaxy A52s.

It seems even Samsung suspects this. Probably that is the reason why the company, on the product page of the Galaxy A52s, is trying to woo users by highlighting just how many 5G bands it supports. 5G is the selling-point for the Galaxy A52s that Samsung is highlighting in a country where 5G networks don't exist and where 5G is at least one or two years away! Reason? Probably because there is nothing else worth highlighting in the Galaxy A52s.