Google and Samsonite announce a smart Konnect-i backpack with touch controls

Google and Samsonite announce a smart Konnect-i backpack with touch controls

Google along with a luggage company, Samsonite, launched a smart backpack called Konnect-i which is touch-sensitive.

Image Credits: Samsonite Image Credits: Samsonite

Google has partnered with the US-based luggage company, Samsonite, to launch a smart backpack called the Konnect-i. The Konnect-i is available in two size options: standard and slim.

The Konnect-i smart backpack comes with rigid structural design and is equipped with Google's Jacquard technology which makes fabric respond to the touch controls. As seen in the picture below, there are white parallel lines on the left shoulder strap. That is the place where the technology has been employed -the touch sensitive area.

To make use of the Konnect-i, users will need to charge the Jacquard tag (a rectangular dongle) using micro USB cable and slide it into the designated place on the shoulder strap. Then install the Jacquard app, available for both Android and iOS, and use it to assign four gestures -brush up, brush down, double tap, and cover.

The gestures can be set to do things like skip or play/pause music, ask Assistant a question, pick up phone calls, or drop pins to remember places you have visited. Through the Jacquard app, users can also set the LED on the Jacquard tag to flash in an array of colors when they use a gesture.

The Konnect-i bag features a lot of pockets for an easy access storage of tech and personal items. The new smart backpack launched by Google and Samsonite together, packs a padded laptop/tablet sleeve in the main compartment. Both sizes are crafted with a water-repelling polyester with Teflon backing, according to Samsonite.

The Konnect-i standard-size model comes for $220 whereas, the slim-size model comes for $200. Both the smart backpacks are up for grabs in the US. The availability and price of Konnect-i smart backpack in India is not known.