Google now allows users to password-protect the page that shows all searches

Google will now enable users to add an extra layer of security that will only allow them to access their Activity page through verification.

(Picture: Reuters) (Picture: Reuters)

Google will now allow users to add an extra layer of security that will only allow them to access their Activity page through verification. The feature will especially come in handy to users if they are working on someone else's device or when they are sharing a device. Users can enable this setting by simply turning a toggle on by going to Manage My Activity. When users have enabled verification, Google will ask for their Google account password before it shows any history. Google notes that this verification will only apply to My Activity and user history may still appear in other Google products.

When enabled, the setting will take users to a regular Google sign-in page, and allow them to enter their password or connect using their Android device, Android Police reported. It noted that even though enabling the extra step can be useful when a user's device is unlocked, it uses the Google account sign-in without protecting the user's data with an additional password. Users can also delete their detailed history by going to Activity Control settings.

According to Google, "if you turn on extra verification Google will make sure it's really you before you can see or delete your full history on My Activity. This can help keep your history safer on shared devices. This setting only applies to My Activity. Your history may still appear in other Google products."

To activate this setting, users are required to go to and click on the Manage My Activity verification link. Select the Require Extra Verification option and select save. You will be required to enter your password to confirm that it is you who is trying to make the change.

Earlier this month, Google announced a host of new features at its developer event, The Google IO. Google has introduced a new shortcut tool for Search that users can access by tapping on their Google account image on the Google app or by going to account settings on your Android phone. The addition allows users to delete past 15 minutes of their activity from the company's data servers using a one-tap button. It has also introduced a password-locked folder where users can store their private photos.

Additionally, Google has also introduced a Privacy Dashboard which intends to inform users about the data collected by any app which runs in the background. Google will also be asking developers to provide additional information on what they were using the access for at that particular moment. It will also give users insight into when these tools were accessed and for how long.