Google tests Task Mate app in India, will pay users to perform simple tasks

Google is currently testing the Task Mate app in beta for Indian users. The app will help users earn money in their local currency if they complete a task accurately.

(Picture: Screenshot from PlayStore) (Picture: Screenshot from PlayStore)

Google is testing the Task Mate app In India through which users can earn money by completing tasks on their smartphones. According to the app description on PlayStore, Task Mate is currently available in beta and is limited to selected testers at the moment who can access the app through a referral code.

The app lets users earn money by simply finding nearby tasks, completing a task to begin earning and finally by cashing out their earnings. Task Mate is a beta app made by Google that provides access to a variety of simple tasks, posted by businesses around the world. For example, take a photo of a nearby restaurant, answer survey questions about your preferences, or help translate sentences from English to your local language.

Users can choose to participate in tasks that they are interested in, or choose to skip tasks. The app description notes that users will be paid in local currency for the tasks that they complete accurately through an account with a third-party payments processor. To cash out, users will have to register their e-wallet or account with Task Mate's payment partner in the app, then visit their profile page and hit the "cash out" button. Users can then withdraw their earnings in their local currency.

Task Mate app's screenshots on PlayStore show that users can perform tasks like taking photos of shopfronts, recording spoken sentences, transcribing sentences to their local language from English.

The tasks themselves are considered simple by Google and originate from businesses around the world. They are categorized as Sitting or Field Tasks, with the latter noting how many minutes you have to walk, 9to5 Google noted.

As of now, users can only access the app that is under development and can be accessed through referral codes or invitation codes. It is not clear when the app will be available to regular users, however, Google has noted that it is learning about finding ways to provide additional earning opportunities through crowdsourcing.Google already has an app called the Google Opinion Rewards in place that asks users questions about its products in exchange for Play Store credit.