Indian techie who waited for 6 months to get his dream job at Google now fired, has 60 days to find a new job

Indian techie who waited for 6 months to get his dream job at Google now fired, has 60 days to find a new job

Google, Amazon, Salesforce, Microsoft and more than 90 tech companies fired thousands of employees in January 2023. Indian-origin IT professionals who are on work visas are now looking for new jobs within 60 days or else they will have to leave the US.

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  • Google fired 12,000 employees across departments.
  • Impacted employees received severance pay including 16 weeks salary plus two weeks for every additional year at Google.
  • Google has also freezed hiring and is filling in for crucial roles.

The year 2023 started with the cold wave of mass layoffs. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce and many big and small IT companies announced and fired thousands of employees amid economic uncertainty. While the companies slashed the workforce giving severance pay added compensations, impacted employees are now struggling to find new jobs. Things are more difficult for Indian-origin IT professionals who are working abroad on work visas. They have just 60 days to find a new job. Adding to their miseries, all the companies have either freeze or paused hirings and are just filling in for important roles. Concerned employees are now sharing their miseries on social networks and are asking for work opportunities.

Sharing how things have changed in one night, Kunal Kumar Gupta, who worked as Technical Program Manager at Google in California shared his story on LinkedIn. The Indian-origin techie shared how he waited 6 months to land his dream job at Google and even worked in teaching assistance to maintain his immigration status. However after almost 3 years of service in the company, his employment has been terminated effectively.

"As the news is out that Google has done a 12,000-strong layoff, unfortunately, I have been impacted by the same. After 3 years and 6 months at Google, got an email stating that my employment has been terminated effectively. Back in 2019 when had graduated from Carnegie Mellon, I waited 6 months to join Google and even worked as a Teaching Assistant to maintain my immigration status. And Google just sent an email stating I was no longer a part of the organization," Kumar wrote in his post. "That is how life works sometimes," he further quoted.

Gupta further urged his followers to assist him with the job openings as he is on H1B visa. "For next steps, I am immediately open to work and would need immediate assistance to find a role as I am on an H1b visa which gives me 60 days to find a job."

The H-1B visa is a temporary (nonimmigrant) visa category-- work visa that allows U.S. employers to hire foreign workers like from India for specialty jobs that require a bachelor's degree or equivalent. To get the visa one must be employed by a US company and if they lose their job they have to find a new job within 60 days or else have to leave the United States. Many Indians who recently lost their jobs are now finding new employment opportunities to renew their H1B visa. While the anxiety of losing a job is already at its peak, the uncertainty of getting a new job or leaving the country is making things worse for the people.

Published on: Jan 23, 2023, 5:24 PM IST
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