Instagram will now allow users to block comments, guard themselves against unwanted followers

Instagram is reportedly developing a feature that would allow users to blockmultiple people at once.

Instagram has introduced new features that would help users in fighting online bullying. Being a social media platform, users are susceptible to online abuse and harassment on Instagram as well but now the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app has introduced new tools to combat bullying on its platform.

As per a report published in a Korean news agency called Yonhap, Instagram is developing a feature that would allow users to block from multiple people at once. In this case, the follower will not get to know that he has been blocked. The blocked user can however see the comments made by him but it will not be visible to the other followers. The users can also control who can tag them in a picture or a post.

Instagram has reportedly said the news agency that it uses artificial intelligence and human resources to monitor abusive content on the social media app. The app said that the machine learning tool first takes note of abusive contents that violate the company guidelines and report them to a group of officials, who then take the final call.

Earlier, Instagram had rolled out a new feature that allows users to delete comments in bulk. Users can on a comment they want to remove and then select the dotted icon in the top right corner. After tapping there, tap Manage Comments and select up to 25 comments to delete at once. Users can also block or restrict accounts in bulk using the same method.

Apart from this, Instagram had also rolled out a new feature that allows users to manage who can tag or mention them on the app. Users have three options to choose from, they can choose whether they want everyone, only people they follow or no one to be able to tag or mention them in a comment, caption, or Story. All these controls will be available under the Privacy section of the app.

Instagram had also given controls to users to keep positive comments or the comments that they like at the beginning. Users can pin more than one comment to the top of their comments thread. All the safety tools introduced is beneficial for people who have public accounts or the public figures, who subjected to slander and abuse on social media platforms