iPad dominates global tablet market yet again in 2021, grabs 37% market share in Q1

Apple iPad continues to enjoy its impressive sales run bolstered by the remote work during the pandemic.

Story highlights
  • iPad gained 37 per cent global tablet market share in Q1 2021.
  • iPad 8 was the best selling model among the lot, followed by iPad Air 4.
  • Overall tablet market grew by 53 per cent year-on-year in Q1 2021.

Apple iPad has been enjoying high sales over the past couple of years. Continuing its strong run, iPad dominated the global tablet market yet again this year as the market was collectively bolstered during the pandemic.

A new industry report reveals the revival of tablet demand globally. Having experienced a long slump for the past few years, the market jumped back by 19 per cent year-on-year in 2020. The upward trend continued this year as the market grew by 53 per cent year-on-year in Q1 2021.

The recent demand has been spurred by the pandemic leading to an increase in remote work and education and the subsequent requirement for large screen devices. The growth has been highlighted in a new market analysis report by Counterpoint Research.

The increase in sales was majorly enjoyed by the two leading tablet makers - Apple and Samsung. Both the firms "ramped up production and shipments in 2020 to meet the increased demand," also releasing new models in the midst, the report highlights. Along with individual sales, the companies increased their market share because of the lack of competition in the segment as well as the ongoing US ban on Huawei.

Of the two, Apple managed to grab a 37 per cent market share in Q1 2021. Much of this sale was bolstered by the basic iPad models, which accounted for 56 per cent of the overall iPad shipments in Q1 2021," explains Liz Lee, Senior Analyst at Counterpoint Research.

iPad Air and iPad Pro series also accounted for a considerable market share. While the former constituted 19 per cent of the overall iPad sales, the latter grabbed 18 per cent of the share.

On the bestseller list, iPad 8 came out to be on top, followed by iPad Air 4. Both the iPads fared well due to their prices, portability and high specifications.

Apple's increased iPad sales continue last year's trend, as the Cupertino tech major shipped 33 per cent more iPad units worldwide in 2020 than in 2019. Its performance for Q1 this year was even more impressive due to the quarter being an off-season and Apple gaining all-time high sales in Japan.

Lee further explained that the recently launched M1 iPad Pro also garnered a highly positive initial consumer response. Lee, however, warned that Apple is suffering from supply chain constraints for processors and display panels for the series and so its shipment is only expected to soar in Q3 this year.