It's official, iPhone users take better care of their phones compared to Android users

It's official, iPhone users take better care of their phones compared to Android users

A new survey tries to find out what happens to old smartphones once a user decides to upgrade to a new device. The research maps responses from both Android and iPhone users and some interesting insights have now been revealed through the same.

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Story highlights
  • iPhones are found to be in a better condition than Android devices after a year's use.
  • ¬†iPhone batteries, however, drop in performance faster as compared to Android phones.
  • iPhone users mostly attempt to exchange their old phones for a new one.

iPhone users are known for showing utmost care for their smartphones in general. Making things official now is a new research that says that used iPhones are usually found in better condition as compared to used Android smartphones.

The findings come from a US-based research meant to focus on what happens to old smartphones. Conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), the research includes data on phone users who sell or trade-in their devices in exchange for a new phone. The data has been recorded for both iPhone and Android users.

As per the CIRP research, more than 65 per cent of iPhones were found to have their displays in good condition after 12 months of use. Among Android users, this number dropped to less than 60 per cent after a year's use.

However, this does not mean that the rest of the devices become unusable after a year. As pointed out by 9to5mac, the research indicated that less than 10 per cent of both iPhone and Android users completely broke their phone within a year's use. Less than 20 per cent noticed a substantial drop in the battery performance of their devices.

Though deteriorating battery performance at some level was reported by many iPhone users. So much so that only 23 per cent of iPhone users confirmed that their phone lasted a full day on a single charge after a year's use. About 30 per cent of Android users claimed the same for their smartphones.

So what is it that people do with their year-old smartphones once they get an upgrade? As per the CIRP research, less than 10 per cent of users of both iPhones and Androids sell their old phones. The majority of Android users keep their previous smartphones alongside the new one. As for iPhones, about 30 per cent of owners exchange them in trade-in programs for a new iPhone.

The research reveals that smartphones, with their increasingly better build quality and software updates over the years, are now lasting much more than they did in the past years. Users are thus not just selling or exchanging their old smartphones but also passing them to a friend or a family member, or just keeping them for spare use.