Meesho customer in Bihar orders drone camera, but receives potatoes inside box

Meesho customer in Bihar orders drone camera, but receives potatoes inside box

An online shopper in Bihar has called out Meesho for "scamming" on his prepaid order. He ordered a DJI drone via the e-commerce site.

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Story highlights
  • Bihar man alleges Meesho for messing up his order.
  • He received potatoes inside the package instead of a camera drone.
  • Meesho has released an official statement on the incident.

After Flipkart and Amazon, the e-commerce platform Meesho is getting targeted for an order gone wrong. A man from Bihar claims that he ordered a drone from the platform but received a kilo of potatoes in the package. He also recorded the incident, and the video is now widely shared online.

Chetan Kumar, a businessman from Nalanda's Parwalpur, recorded the video, and it is available to view on the Twitter handle 'UnSeen India'. The recording shows that Kumar found the package suspicious when it arrived. He ordered a DJI drone from Meesho.

While recording, Kumar asked the delivery boy to unbox on the spot. Moments later, both of them found the box loaded with potatoes.

When asked, the delivery executive, now surrounded by locals, admitted that Meesho was involved in the "fraud". A police complaint is yet to be registered.

India Today Tech also reached out to Meesho to get details about this incident. In the statement, the company has revealed that they have initiated the refund and are further investigating the matter. " As a user-first company, ensuring the great customer experience is one of our key priorities at Meesho. Any incident that affects customer trust is taken very seriously and we take prompt remedial action. After verifying the details of the incident, the customer service team immediately initiated a refund. We are investigating this matter further and we will take appropriate actions," the statement from Meesho reads.

This is not the first-time online shoppers have called out online delivery mishaps that many labels as scams. There have been many incidents in the past where shoppers received vegetables or even stones inside the package instead of the ordered item. For instance, a student from IIM recently accused Flipkart of delivering detergent soaps instead of a laptop he ordered. Flipkart addressed the incident and suggested customers opt for Open Box Delivery for safety. It lets customers open the box in front of the delivery executive.

Flipkart users also called out Flipkart and complained about the order cancellation of the iPhone 13. After hearing all the complaints, the e-commerce platform issued an official statement. Flipkart accepted that some iPhone 13 orders were cancelled due to "anomalies".

We also suggest that online buyers should only make purchases from official sellers and check reviews.

Published on: Sep 28, 2022, 2:00 PM IST
Posted by: BT Siteadmin, Sep 28, 2022, 2:00 PM IST