Meta bringing end-to-end encryption to FB Messenger: what this means for users

Meta bringing end-to-end encryption to FB Messenger: what this means for users

Meta is expanding its testing of end-to-end encryption on Facebook Messenger. Additionally, the platform is releasing some new features to enhance privacy and user experience.

Story highlights
  • Meta is expanding testing default end-to-end encryption for Messenger.
  • Users will get their chat end-to-end encrypted in the coming months.
  • The messaging platform is also rolling out more features including link preview and chat themes.

Meta is all set to enrich the security and user experience of Facebook Messenger with new features and updates. In a recent announcement, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Messenger is getting new features including link previews, custom emojis, themes, and more to personalise and enhance messaging experience on Facebook's messaging platform. In addition, the company is also accelerating testing default end-to-end encryption for more Messenger users.

According to Meta's recent blog post, the company is introducing more features, like chat themes to enhance user experience, along with the expansion of global testing of end-to-end encrypted chats on Messenger. "We've also started gradually expanding testing default end-to-end encryption for Messenger. We know people want a space to connect and they want to know that those conversations are private, safe and secure," reads the official blog post.

End-to-end encryption for Messenger

Meta is testing default end-to-end encryption for Messenger globally. So in the coming months, more Messenger users will get their chats gradually being upgraded with added layer of protection provided by end-to-end encryption. With this, the company aims to make conversations on Facebook Messenger more private, safe and secure.

"The We will notify people in these individual chat threads as they are upgraded. We know people will have questions about how we select and upgrade individual threads, so we wanted to make clear that this is a random process," the company further noted.

Notably, the end-to-end encryption feature enhances the privacy of users by encrypting all their all chats, including text and any files or media. Encryption means, only the users and the other person they are chatting with can read or see the text or media. No third party or person including Meta itself can read the conversation between two users.

The end-to-end encryption method helps users in keeping their communications private and secure. Neither any hacker or any third party apps can decode the encryption and steal the data on the app's server.

Meanwhile, let's take a look at the features which Meta has rolled out for Facebook Messenger to enhance user interface and experience.

Chat themes

Users can now set chat themes including static colour and gradient themes to personalize and enhance their conversations in Messenger.

Custom chat emojis and reactions

With the new update, Meta now also offers users a full menu of emoji reactions. In addition, now users can even customize the quick reaction tray in Messenger.

Group profile photos

Meta now also allows users to choose group profile photos for different chats.

Link previews

After WhatsApp Meta has rebuilt the link previews for Messenger chats so that users can preview of the link before clicking on it.

Active Status

Messenger will now show users' active status whenever someone comes online. However, users will still have the choice to turn the feature off to keep privacy.

Bubbles on Android

Bubbles feature- which shows a circle with your friend's picture which allow users to multi task and use other apps while messaging of Messenger is now available for Android. Once enabled, a bubble will appear when users will receive a new message.

Published on: Jan 25, 2023, 3:03 PM IST
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