Microsoft says Android apps are coming to Windows 11 through Amazon Appstore

For the first time ever, Microsoft will now support Android apps and let users download them on the PCs. This, however, will not be possible straight from the Microsoft Store.

Android apps on Windows 11 Android apps on Windows 11

Microsoft has launched the much awaited Windows 11 as the latest version of its operating system. Among several other upgrades promising performance improvements and better user experience, Windows 11 has a very important feature to boast of - inclusion of Android apps.

For the first time ever, Windows 11 will support Android apps, letting its users search for them on the new Microsoft Store and thereon download them. The download, however, will not directly be through the Microsoft Store.

Instead, Microsoft has announced a collaboration with Amazon for this. The company will allow the download of Android apps to Windows 11 users through the Amazon Appstore.

The first of its kind integration will enable Windows 11 users to run their favorite Android mobile games and apps on PCs. This means you might be able to record Instagram Stories or open up apps for virtual learning right on your PC.

It is easy to see how the update is a major enhancement of user experience on Windows. Microsoft says that it will have "more to share about this experience in the coming months." The newformed partnership also makes use of Intel's Intel Bridge technology.

Other updates

Other than the support for Android apps on Windows, Microsoft has introduced several notable changes on the Windows 11. A completely new design will now bring calmer visuals than before, with focus only on what is at the front and transparent outlays for everything in the background.

Light and Dark modes are also present, along with several new themes and animations. Windows 11 will also adopt rounded corners, as seen on the iOS and Android.

Windows 11 will also bring performance upgrades over the previous Windows iterations. This will be visible across starting up of the OS, browsing the web, running apps and more. The improvements are thanks to several optimisations on the OS, including 40 per cent smaller updates that will now run in the background.

The new Windows is also more power efficient than the previous iterations and comes as the safest Windows yet by Microsoft.