Microsoft to hold online-only events till June 2021

Microsoft to hold online-only events till June 2021

Microsoft recently cancelled the MVP Summit 2020 and Build 2020 events over coronavirus pandemic fears.

(Source: Reuters) (Source: Reuters)

As coronavirus pandemic gets a tight grip on on-ground and physical events globally, Microsoft has announced a calendar reschedule for events to evade the impact. In an official statement, the Redmond-based colossus has said it is adjusting its event calendar to create "the highest quality of digital-first experiences" and planning to host its internal and external events for the rest of 2020 and next year till June digital-only. Microsoft recently cancelled its Build 2020, MVP Summit 2020, and Inspire 2020 events in the wake of the pandemic that has brought everything to a standstill and its upcoming events will be held online-only.

Microsoft will host its events such as the Ignite 2020, Ignite The Tour, MVP Summit 2021 and Build 2021 online only. It says this new plan will help the company in "embracing the opportunity to experiment with new platforms." So far, Microsoft has organised its events on the ground and its consumer-centric and other external events have also been live-streamed. Since most of the events have already been cancelled owing to the adverse situation coronavirus pandemic has caused, Microsoft is using the digital platform as a safety net so that its business is not impacted.

In a statement, a Microsoft spokesperson told ZDNet, "In light of the challenges presented by COVID-19, we are adjusting our event calendar and strategy. For the remainder of 2020, we are embracing the opportunity to experiment with new platforms to provide our partners, customers, and developers the highest quality, digital-first experiences." It is not clear when Microsoft will reverse to hosting physical events at this point but that should change as soon as the pandemic is curtailed.

To facilitate the attendees, Microsoft is temporarily enabling the capacity for 100,000 attendees with the help of Live Events Assistance programme. The Microsoft 365 Live Events lets a large number of attendees "to create live and on-demand events that deliver compelling communications to employees, customers and partners. Events use video and interactive discussion across Teams, Yammer, or Stream, and can be as simple, or as sophisticated as needed."