More powerful Motorola Razr? 5G variant could get newer chipset, to launch later this year

Motorola is working on a 5G variant of the foldable Razr phone that could use a more powerful chipset supporting 5G connectivity. The 5G variant is coming later in 2020.

Last November, Motorola shook the smartphone world with its new Razr- a brand new flagship phone that gets a foldable display. The Razr received lots of praises from the world for its slim design that is closer to the original Razr from 2004. However, Motorola had to rely on midrange specifications to get that slim form factor and the Snapdragon 710 was the best chip they could find during its development. However, the Razr might get more powerful by the middle of 2020.

According to a tip from a Chinese blog, Motorola will showcase a 5G variant of the new Razr at the 3rd China Industrial Design Exhibition held at Wuhan International Expo Center in Wuhan City. The phone is said to be manufactured in Wuhan City in China and it will be made available to the mass market by the middle of 2020. Motorola has so far said nothing about the 5G variant of the Razr but given the 5G trend, it might happen soon.

With the inclusion of 5G, Motorola may be changing a few things to accommodate the native support for 5G connections. The Razr currently comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chipset, which only supports 4G connectivity. In order to bring 5G, Motorola will need to include a 5G modem in the device and chances are that it will upgrade the chipset on the Razr.

Currently, only a few chipsets in the market support 5G connectivity. Qualcomm has the Snapdragon 765G that brings an embedded 5G antenna in the chipset and Motorola may use this to keep the Razr as affordable as possible. Motorola may also look at other 5G enabled chips from Samsung and MediaTek, given that the company uses chips from these two manufacturers on its affordable smartphones.

Hence, if Motorola decides to go ahead with the Snapdragon 765G, it will offer a massive performance boost to the Razr, bringing it on par with phones from 2020. The 5G variant could result in some other changes such as heat management and battery capacity (5G consumes a lot of power).

Currently, the Motorola Razr is available for pre-orders in a few country, including the US, UK and India. The Razr starts at Rs $1,500 and is the only Motorola phone to come with a foldable display. The Razr comes with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage as standard. It runs on a stock Android interface similar to existing Android One devices.