Nokia X20 India launch confirmed, will be first 5G Nokia phone in India

Nokia X20 India launch confirmed, will be first 5G Nokia phone in India

HMD has not said anything about bringing the Nokia X20 5G phone to India yet, but the website is telling the opposite.

Story highlights
  • HMD has now listed the Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 on India SAR website.
  • This means that both Nokia X20 and X10 are coming to India soon.
  • The website also mentions Nokia G series and the Nokia C series that were launched recently.

Nokia X20 arrived in Europe and some other markets earlier this year as HMD announced a big expansion to its smartphone portfolio. The Nokia X20, along with the Nokia X10, joined the Nokia 8.3 5G in the company's 5G phone kitty, which is very small right now. HMD never shared plans for India as far as 5G phones were concerned, and that is because the company is not as aggressive as its Chinese rivals in India. And that is why HMD still does not have a 5G phone in India. That might change soon. The Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 will be making their way to India, according to the company website.

Although not explicitly announced, Nokia Mobile's website has a section that talks about the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) of mobile phones. This website has a list of phones along with their SAR values listed for a particular market. Now, the list has added the Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 smartphones when India is selected in the country dropdown on the website, as spotted by NokiaMob. There are SAR values of the Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 that are in compliance with the parameters set by the Department of Telecommunications. Not just the X20 and X10, the website also has the Nokia G20, Nokia G10, Nokia C20, and the Nokia C10 phones.

A mere reference to a phone on a page that is meant for people to cross-check whether their phone meets the SAR requirements of the Indian government is enough to tell that the company has either launched the phone in India or is going to launch it soon. Now that the Nokia X20, Nokia X10, Nokia G20, and the entire new array of phones are available on the website with their SAR values, it is safe to assume HMD is planning to launch all the phones in India soon. The vagueness of the word "soon" is, however, something that goes on for a long time for HMD Global. HMD has not teased anything yet around the launch of the phone, and if you see the track record of the company in India, it is never in a hurry to bring phones to India. With the new Nokia phones, HMD will continue to take its own sweet time for the launch.

HMD's approach to smartphone launches in India is not aggressive and that is something the company immediately needs to change. There is no 5G phone from Nokia in India yet, while almost every other brand has launched 5G phones here despite the unavailability of 5G in India. And this laidback attitude is what caused a significant dip in sales of Nokia smartphones in the first quarter of 2021. A report by Counterpoint Research revealed that the shipments of Nokia smartphones in the first quarter of 2021 in India were down by a whopping 38.5 per cent over Q4 2020.

HMD has not announced any plans to bring the Nokia X20 and other phones yet, but the launch is imminent by all means.