Oppo launches new fast-charging technologies, improves 65W to now top-up battery in just 30 minutes

Oppo launches new fast-charging technologies, improves 65W to now top-up battery in just 30 minutes

Oppo announced a series of new charging-related improvements but did not say a word on when they will materialise.

Story highlights
  • Oppo has introduced a new safety chip in its battery charging solutions.
  • Oppo will also switch to gallium nitride in chargers going forward.
  • The 65W fast charging has also been improved to take less time now.

Oppo is moving to the next phase of smartphone battery charging with new standards that will ensure battery safety and optimum temperatures. The Chinese company announced it is upgrading its charging technology, using better hardware and AI software, in a way that the battery will lose as little as 20 per cent of its capacity after it has been charged for 1,500 cycles. This exceeds the requirements by 300 per cent, according to Oppo, which also announced a better 65W Super VOOC charging technology that now takes about 30 minutes, as opposed to 40 minutes earlier.

The biggest change that Oppo will bring to its charging solutions is the use of gallium nitride in the circuitry. This will be the first time that Oppo will use GaN in its charging solutions, and this will bring better voltage resistance. GaN takes up less space than silicone, which is what makes the current mobile chargers. One GaN, according to ITHome's report, will replace two silicone metal-oxide semiconductors (MOS). This not only saves space in the charger's circuitry, it also reduces heat consumption. If you take a look at the current range of fast chargers, all of them are bulky and big, but GaN will bring their size down dramatically.

Oppo is also introducing smart charging, wherein the current in the charger and the battery is adjusted dynamically to meet the maximum requirements of the battery. There is an algorithm that detects the maximum capacity of a battery current-wise, and this varies from battery to battery, so other enhancements such as temperature control will work accordingly. Oppo claims smart charging will allow each battery to have its own charging curve, rather than following what that particular technology comes with. It will also let each user decide their own charging mode. While this may seem like a small customisation for battery charging, there is very much progress in the field of fast battery charging for mobile phones.

Battery charging is one thing, but its safety needs to be paramount. The incidents of battery explosions on a phone are very common, and Oppo thinks its new solution will minimise those incidents. The company is introducing Sandwich Safety, wherein Oppo has used a new type of composite polymer material as the matrix to form a sandwich-like structure, instead of going with the conventional aluminium foil current collector. This new matrix is then layered with five coatings to avoid excessive heat in the structure. Oppo is also introducing a battery safety detection chip into the circuitry. This chip can detect abnormal voltage drops in a battery much earlier than the user could, preventing any damage that may follow otherwise. Coupled with an algorithm, this chip will tell the user to get the battery replaced in case of any anomalies.

Finally, the 65W fast charging, which is the highest speed you get on Oppo, OnePlus, and Realme phones right now, is a welcome improvement. Instead of taking around 40 minutes, the technology will now take about 30 minutes to charge a 4500mAh battery fully. Future phones from Oppo and its family brands are expected to come with this technology, but Oppo did not say when.