Pixel Stand wireless charger with fans likely in works for Pixel 6

Pixel Stand wireless charger with fans likely in works for Pixel 6

Google is reportedly working on a device codenamed "Luxuryliner," which is similar to the "Dreamliner" codename used for the original Pixel Stand in 2018.

Story highlights
  • Decompiled codes from Android 12 Beta 2 have hinted at a new Google wireless charger.
  • The new-generation Pixel Stand will likely feature fans to dissipate heat and enable faster wireless charging.
  • Google might launch the new Pixel Stand alongside its Pixel 6 lineup this year.

Pixel 6 series seems all set to refresh the lineup of the Google Pixel phones like never before. Carrying a completely different look from the predecessors, the smartphones reflect how Google is aiming to maximise the appeal of its devices. For this, it might also be looking to introduce a new wireless charger for the upcoming series.

New reports indicate a second-generation Pixel Stand in the works that will enable wireless charging on Pixel smartphones. Interestingly, the new Pixel Stand might also be equipped with fans, which will possibly enable faster-charging speeds.

The new wireless charger by Google will come as a successor to the original Pixel Stand launched in 2018. It allowed users to keep their smartphones on charging in a vertical position so as they could use it for several functions even while charging.

Speculations at the 2021 Pixel Stand have come to life following the decompilation of codes from Android 12 Beta 2. Dylan Roussel at 9to5Google recently found mentions of a Made by Google wireless charger in the codes. The timing of the code hints that Google might be looking to launch the new wireless charger alongside its Pixel 6 series later this year.

Roussel was also able to discover mentions of cooling fans "to better dissipate heat from both the phone and the charger itself." The heat dissipation will likely allow faster charging on the Pixel Stand 2 than the 10W charging seen on the first iteration.

There was no mention of the power output of the upcoming Pixel Stand. The codes, however, did mention "profiles" for the fans that specified the number and speed of fans to be run at a time.

The fan profiles will also allow users to "speed up, slow down, or stop the fans altogether" based on several factors. These profiles will factor in voice commands, microphone use or recording or even nighttime use, all of which will avoid noise from the fans thus switching them to low or zero automatically.

Users will also be able to switch the profiles manually to any one of three available, which are "Auto," "Quiet," and "Power Boost." The report by 9to5Google explains that the Power Boost mode will make the new Pixel Stand's fans spin much faster for a faster-than-usual charging rate.

Another clue hinting at the new wireless charger by Google is the codename "Luxuryliner." Since the Pixel Stand originally carried the codename "Dreamliner" back in 2018, the new moniker most likely represents a new, possible more premium, iteration of the Pixel Stand due for a debut.

If this holds true, Google will have a very promising offer for smartphone users with its Pixel devices this year. Already touted to come with a considerable upgrade on its camera setup and a refreshing new look, the Pixel Stand 2 will be just another plus for the smartphones. You can read about all that is expected of the Pixel 6 series here.