PUBG: New State update brings anti-cheat measures to Android users in India

PUBG: New State update brings anti-cheat measures to Android users in India

PUBG: New State is now getting an update which brings the first round of anti-cheating measures to the game. The developers have marked it as an essential update, meaning your game will not run unless you update it to the new version.

Story highlights
  • A PUBG: New State essential update is now being rolled out on Android devices in India.
  • An update for iOS devices will start rolling out in the near future.
  • Players will get a compensation for updating the game to the new version.

PUBG: New State, the most recent battle royale game from the house of Krafton, will now actively filter players employing cheating methods within the game. For this, the mobile game now gets an update bringing new anti-cheating measures to it, and players on Android phones will not be able to play the game unless they update it.

Krafton has shared the development through a recent blog post. Calling all PUBG: New State players "Survivors," the blog mentions that players on Android phones will now be prompted to download an update when they launch the game. This update will have to be downloaded through Google Play or the Galaxy Store.

The blog clearly mentions that this will be "an essential update" and that players will not be able to access the game without installing it on their device. The blog also mentions that a similar update for iOS devices is also in the works and will be rolled out some time in the near future.

PUBG: New State players will also be getting some rewards for installing the new update. As per the blog, these rewards will include a total of 3 chicken medals as "compensation for the update."

The essential update comes as the first round of updates that are meant to strengthen the anti-cheat measures in the game. The series of updates for PUBG: New State will aim to identify and stop any cheating practices being carried out within the game. PUBG: New State already has a policy of banning any users found cheating within the game.

In the new blog post, the game developers also suggest ways to counter any issues faced while downloading the update. In such a case, users are advised to force quit the app store - whether Google Play Store or Galaxy Store - or restart their device. The update should then be downloaded and installed on the phone without any issues.

The blog also mentions that some of the smartphone models may receive this update at a later stage. Though these are likely to be a very select few phone models.

PUBG: New State marked its debut for Android users in India a couple of weeks back. Though the initial rollout saw some bug reports, these were ironed out in the subsequent days. The game depicts the future of the PUBG universe, with better graphics and more dynamic gameplay than before, as well as new weapons and other items and abilities in the game.