Read Parag Agrawal's full email to employees as Twitter CEO: "Some of you know me well… some not at all"

Read Parag Agrawal's full email to employees as Twitter CEO: "Some of you know me well… some not at all"

Parag Agrawal, an IIT alumnus from Mumbai, became new Twitter CEO on Monday night as Jack Dorsey resigned. Here is the full text of the email Parag sent to Twitter employees.

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  • Parag Agrawal became Twitter CEO on Monday night.
  • Jack Dorsey has resigned and will be leaving the company completely by May next year.
  • In his email to employees, Parag says world is watching Twitter.

On Monday night, Parag Agrawal became Twitter CEO. Parag, who did his engineering in computer science from IIT Bombay and who moved to the US in 2005 to pursue higher studies, is just 37. He is also considered a close associate of Jack Dorsey, who has resigned and has announced his intention to completely get out of the company by May 2022.

Until now Parag was CTO at Twitter. He had joined the company in 2011 when he was still in the middle of completing his PhD in computer science from Stanford University.

Who is Parag Agrawal: Read this in his full profile

On Monday night after Twitter confirmed his appointment as the company CEO, Parag sent an email to all employees. Here is the full text of the email.



Thank you, Jack. I'm honored and humbled. And I'm grateful for your continued mentorship and your friendship. I'm grateful for the service that you built, the culture, soul, and purpose you fostered among us, and for leading the company through really significant challenges. I'm grateful for the trust you've put in me and for your continued partnership.

Team, most of all, I'm grateful for all of you, and it's you who inspire confidence in our future together. I joined this company 10 years ago when there were fewer than 1,000 employees

While it was a decade ago, those days feel like yesterday to me. I've walked in your shoes, I've seen the ups and downs, the challenges and obstacles, the wins and the mistakes. But then and now, above all else, I see Twitter's incredible impact, our continued progress, and the exciting opportunities ahead of us.

Our purpose has never been more important. Our people and our culture are unlike anything in the world. There is no limit to what we can do together.

We recently updated our strategy to hit ambitious goals, and I believe that strategy to be bold and right. But our critical challenge is how we work to execute against it and deliver results - that's how we'll make Twitter the best it can be for our customers, shareholders, and for each of you. I want you to #LoveWhere YouWork and also love how we work together for the greatest possible impact.

I recognize that some of you know me well, some just a little, and some not at all. Let's consider ourselves at the beginning-the first step towards our future. I'm sure you have lots of questions and there's a lot for us to discuss. At the all-hands tomorrow we'll have lots of time for Q&A and discussion. It will be the beginning of ongoing open, direct conversations I wish for us to have together.

The world is watching us right now, even more than they have before. Lots of people are going to have lots of different views and opinions about today's news. It is because they care about Twitter and our future, and it's a signal that the work we do here matters. Let's show the world Twitter's full potential!