Realme Watch 2 Pro quick review: This budget-friendly smartwatch will appeal to you

Realme Watch 2 Pro quick review: This budget-friendly smartwatch will appeal to you

Realme's brand-new Watch 2 Pro brings a sleek design, support for Realme's wireless earbuds, and a lot more.

Story highlights
  • Realme Watch 2 Pro comes over a year after the company's first smartwatch in India debuted.
  • The Realme Watch 2 Pro brings a rectangular dial and a single button.
  • There are around 90 sports mode on the Realme Watch 2 Pro.

Realme Watch 2 Pro comes more than a year after the company introduced the first-generation smartwatch to India's wearable market. It is not a direct upgrade but an upgrade over the upgrade. What I mean is that the Realme Watch 2, which was also launched, is the successor of last year's Realme Watch, but the Watch 2 Pro brings an extra feature. That feature is built-in GPS, which ensures your smartwatch does not have to latch on to your phone to get location information when you are running or doing any other activity that requires geolocation. And this is just one of many features that the Watch 2 Pro comes with.

I spent a short time with Watch 2 Pro. My initial impression of this smartwatch is mostly good. Of course, there will always be that room for improvement, but because we are talking about a smartwatch that is about Rs 5,000, the expectations need to be in check. And that is why I think this smartwatch will appeal to customers who want to upgrade from a fitness band or just want a watch-like device without a lot of smart features.

Right off the bat, the Realme Watch 2 Pro will look like a premium smartwatch, but the strap here also looks solid enough to last longer. Realme's Dare to Leap slogan has reached the smartwatch too, but since its fonts and design blend with the rest of the design of the strap, it does not look odd. There is a buckle system on the strap, which is an easy way to wear the watch, but some people might be wary of the marks it leaves on the wrist. Wearing the smartwatch is comfortable, so I think people will not have a problem there. I will tell you more about its fit in my review.

The screen on the Realme Watch 2 Pro measures 1.75-inches and shows good colours. It can get very bright, up to 600 nits to be precise, and that I think is a good thing to have on a smartwatch. Realme says the display is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass, which means it can sustain mild damage, which honestly is something a watch is always prone to. I will talk more about the display in my review. The smartwatch seems responsive to me for now, which is why I believe it is not going to cause performance issues.

I tried the heart rate sensor and the SpO2 sensor on the Realme Watch 2 Pro, as well, and both of them worked as expected. Now, I am not sure about the accuracy at this point, but the smartwatch seems to do a good job of health monitoring. I will be more thorough about these sensors and their performance in my review. There are 90 sports modes for people to choose from, but it is not practically possible for me to test each. Nonetheless, I am going to try a few and will tell you about them in my review. Realme Watch 2 Pro's battery comes with a claim of 14-day standby time, but whether this is a reality is what I will tell you in my review.

For now, the Realme Watch 2 Pro comes across as a budget-friendly smartwatch that is very easy to use and offers a plethora of health- and fitness-related features. If you want to install apps, this smartwatch is not for you. The Realme Watch 2 Pro costs Rs 4,999 and will be available from July 26.