Realme's Rs 60,000 flagship phone confirmed to be in works

Realme's Rs 60,000 flagship phone confirmed to be in works

Realme has finally decided to enter the ultra-premium flagship phone market in India.

Story highlights
  • Realme has confirmed it will launch an ultra-premium phone.
  • The upcoming flagship from Realme would cost around Rs 60,000.
  • Realme is finally hoping to take on the priciest phones from its rivals.

Realme will launch its first ultra-premium smartphone after making a name in the low- and mid-end markets. The Chinese company began as a Oppo spinoff to cater to the aggressive smartphone segment, but it soon established itself as a separate entity and brand. After selling phones across all price ranges, Realme has got experience, and now it wants to use that to finally take its fight with rivals to the level it always wanted. An ultra-premium Realme flagship phone will have almost every feature that you do not find on a phone like Realme GT and it may cost nearly Rs 60,000.

Sky Li, founder and chief executive of Realme, said the company will enter the ultra-premium phone segment, where the likes of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Mi 11 Ultra, and iPhone 13 Pro exist. That is going to be a huge detour from the current phone strategy, which includes selling phones under C-series, number-series, Narzo-series, and GT-series. Realme's GT is its highest-end series to date and the company touts the top-end Realme GT as a flagship killer. But now, Realme is planning to launch a flagship and not kill another.

At the moment, it is not clear what features would make it to this flagship phone from Realme, but as far as the track record of the company is concerned, this phone will be worth the wait. Realme has been one of the aggressive brands in India, giving customers features such as 65W fast charging for under Rs 20,000. Its Realme GT 5G has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and costs under Rs 38,000. But while these things make a good phone for the mid-range, a premium phone is what will make Realme take on rivals such as Xiaomi more effectively.

Pricing has been very important for Realme. It has managed to outdo its rivals in terms of putting a price sticker on its phones that go neck and neck with those from a brand like Xiaomi or Samsung. This is also how Realme tries to attract customers. Which is why the flagship's cost would need to be lower than, say, Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra or Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. I am still not expecting a foldable or flip phone similar to Samsung's, but a phone that has even a richer display and even wireless charging could be what Realme may be planning.

It may cost over $800, said Li in his tweet. This translates to around Rs 60,000, which is a dramatically bigger price tag for a Realme phone but still in check when you compare it with Samsung's phones.