Sonos comes to India with its premium audio speakers, soundbars

Sonos speakers have so far been available in India through unofficial means that do not even offer warranty services.

Story highlights
  • Sonos has officially entered India in partnership with Luxury Personified.
  • Luxury Personified also sells products of brands such as Marshall, Dyson.
  • Customers can go to Sonos India website and buy products online.

Sonos, the premium audio brand, has forayed into India in a bid to expand its portfolio globally. The Santa Barbara, California-based home audio brand has partnered with Luxury Personified, a subsidiary of The Sun Group, to bring its wireless home audio speaker range to the Indian market. Through this partnership, Sonos will be able to sell and service its products in India officially, putting a curb on sales through third-party platforms.

You will be able to buy Sonos speakers through both online and offline modes managed by Luxury Personified. The range of products that will be available to buy in India includes portable speakers such as Sonos Move, which costs Rs 43,999, high-fidelity loudspeakers such as Sonos Five, which costs Rs 54,999, and soundbars like Sonos Arc, which costs Rs 87,999. There are accessories and speaker sets also listed on the website for sale, but they are likely to be available through brick-and-mortar stores.

Sonos is a renowned brand in the home audio category. The US is its biggest market, but since it wants to expand to more countries to take on rivals such as Apple, Google Nest, and Bose, India is likely to give an impetus. "India has become a global hub and consumers have greater exposure and understand the technicalities of the product better. With the launch of Sonos in India, we hope to bring people together to share experiences and seek culture through our product offerings, partnerships, and corporate efforts," said Kush Malik, director at Luxury Personified.

The biggest challenge for Sonos is going to wrest customers from brands such as Bose, Marshall, and Apple that dominate the premium home audio segment right now. Not only these brands, Google is also a big rival to Sonos because of the kind of software experience. Sonos' products come with support for high fidelity multi-room audio, as well as good support for streaming services such as Spotify.

The biggest advantage here is that customers will not have to go to third-party sellers to buy Sonos products at exorbitant prices. They also get official customer support and warranty on these products, albeit through Luxury Personified.