Sony WF-LS900N: 4 reasons to buy Sony's latest TWS earbuds

Sony WF-LS900N: 4 reasons to buy Sony's latest TWS earbuds

The Sony WF-LS900N has recently launched in India with great features such as ANC, Hi-Res audio capabilities, Android Fast Pairing and more. Here are 4 reasons to buy these right now.

Sony WF-LS900N Sony WF-LS900N
Story highlights
  • Sony WF-LS900N has launched at an introductory price of Rs 13,990.
  • The WF-LS900N are offered in 3 colours - White, Black and Beige.
  • Each of the buds weighs only 4.1g making it very lightweight.

Earlier this year, Sony launched the LinkBuds WF-L900, featuring an unconventional doughnut-like design, for which the company actually received a lot of praise. But more importantly, the features of the WF-L900 make it an instant recommendation in the premium TWS space. Fast forward a few months, and Sony has just introduced the WF-LS900N in India, which is like a trimmed-down version of the WF-L900.

Now, the Sony WF-LS900N features a rather generic design as opposed to its costlier sibling. But don't let the design fool you, as Sony has ensured that the WF-LS900N doesn't compromise in terms of feature set. So, with everything on offer such as a lightweight design, ANC, Hi-Res audio capabilities, Android Fast Pairing, Bluetooth 5.2 and more, is it worth buying the Sony WF-LS900N over the competition? Well, here are 4 reasons why you should.

1. Light on the ears

One thing's for sure - the Sony WF-LS900N sounds fantastic, and we are going to get there. But first, let's mention how light these earbuds are. And this is something that you can only understand once you experience the WF-LS900N in person.

But, if you ask me, I have used a variety of mid-range and high-end earbuds, including the likes of Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, and the Apple AirPods Pro, and both of them weigh over 5 grams. Even Sony's own 1000XM4's weight is a little over 7 grams. But when it comes to the WF-LS900N, the weight of the earbuds is just 4.1 grams each. And trust me when I say this, these latest Sony buds not only feel light but ergonomically as well, I never felt uncomfortable wearing them, including wearing them for long hours. On the plus side, the case of the earphones also sports a lightweight design.

2. Powerful ANC, Super sound

The Sony WF-LS900N features superb ANC capabilities, and in my opinion, the ANC does a very good job at cancelling out the noises around. I mean, unless some car really comes close and honks, that's noticeable, but overall, Sony has done a good job with noise cancellation and sound quality.

Speaking of which, regarding the sound quality of the WF-LS900N, while listening to the audio, or watching movies, for what's on offer, I think these earbuds offer a very detailed sound output. You, of course, get a variety of equalizer presets to play with, and personally, I like the Bright preset the best. And digging a bit, I think the WF-LS900N handles reverb-heavy tracks really well. Otherwise, the mids are handled well, while the highs in the audio offer a very balanced output, and never did I feel that the audio was screechy or anything like that, even at high volumes.

3. Feature-rich Sony Headphones Connect app

Sony lets you manage the WF-LS900N earbuds via the Headphones Connect app, and when you see the app for the first time, you might find it to be a little confusing as you would be seeing a tonne of settings and features to play with, but once you get familiar with it, everything will start making sense. So, of course, you get a comprehensive list of settings in the Headphones Connect app, and the app actually helps you unlock the enhanced performance of the WF-LS900N.

4. Speak-to-Chat is pretty slick

With the Sony Headphones Connect app, you get to play with a slew of features of the WF-LS900N. And one of the coolest features has to be the Speak-to-Chat functionality and the first thing you do after setting up the buds (if you purchase them) and the app is to enable the feature.

Now, how the Speak-to-Chat function works is that you can simply start a conversation while wearing these earbuds, and just when you start talking, you'll notice that the audio will automatically pause. So basically, whenever someone comes up to you, he says Hi and you start talking - the WF-LS900N goes into ambient mode, and the audio is paused. And once you're done talking, after a brief while, the audio will automatically resume. Very handy, very cool!

Final words…

Summing up, the Sony WF-LS900N is a good premium set of buds that manages to check most of the core fundamentals. In terms of fit finish, the buds look great, they feel comfortable while wearing them, and I simply love the lightweight design. Additionally, the LS900N is also pretty feature-packed. I absolutely enjoyed the Speak to Chat feature. The ANC is also pretty powerful, and even in the noisiest of environments, it does a fine job of cancelling unwanted sounds. The sound quality itself is pretty good. I mean, for tiny earbuds, it offers a bright sound signature, with just the right balance of crispness, clarity and richness in the audio.

So, these were the 4 reasons why you should definitely consider buying the Sony WF-LS900N over the competition. The price of the buds has been set at Rs 13,990, which is the introductory offer, including the Rs 3,000 cashback.

Published on: Nov 25, 2022, 12:36 PM IST
Posted by: BT Siteadmin, Nov 25, 2022, 11:59 AM IST