Tim Cook shares Apple's car plans, praises Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed during an interview, that self-driving cars are an ideal match for Apple.

Apple has been long rumored to be working on self-driving cars. The claims were somewhat confirmed by CEO Tim Cook, who revealed during an interview, that self-driving cars are an ideal match for Apple. Tim also spoke at length about the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk. Interestingly, Musk had once claimed that he had tried to sell Tesla to Apple.

In an interview with Kara Swisher on the Sway Podcast, Tim Cook dropped major hints about Apple's shift to the world of mobility. "The autonomy itself is a core technology, in my view. If you sort of step back, the car, in a lot of ways, is a robot. An autonomous car is a robot. And so there are lots of things you can do with autonomy. And we'll see what Apple does. We investigate so many things internally. Many of them never see the light of day. I'm not saying that one will not," he said.

When Cook was asked whether the tech giant plans is working on a car or the technology within a car, he refused to answer it. "We love to integrate hardware, software, and services, and find the intersection points of those because we think that's where the magic occurs. And so that's what we love to do. And we love to own the primary technology that's around that," he said

Tim Cook also talked about Elon Musk and his company at length. Musk had claimed that he once tried to sell Tesla to Apple. He also alleged that did not take a meeting with him. To which, Cook said that he had never spoken to Elon Musk ever but admires his work.

"You know, I've never spoken to Elon, although I have great admiration and respect for the company he's built. I think Tesla has done an unbelievable job of not only establishing the lead but keeping the lead for such a long period of time in the EV space. So I have a great appreciation for them," Cook said.

Among other things, the Apple CEO also revealed that the company will roll out the iOS 14.5 update this month. Earlier, it was predicted that the update would be rolled out in Spring.