Tripadvisor, 104 others apps banned by China because it is cleaning app store

China has removed 105 apps from its app stores as part of what it calls a "campaign to get rid of content related to pornography, prostitution, gambling, and violence."

Story highlights
  • China says that it has removed 105 apps from mobile app stores within the country.
  • One of those apps is Tripadvisor, but it is not clear why.
  • Twitter, Facebook, and Google continue to remain blocked in China.

China says that it has removed Tripadvisor and another 104 apps from local app stores in what it calls a "clean up of illegal" apps on the internet. Most of the banned apps are Chinese but the US travel app TripAdvisor is also included on the list.

Tripadvisor is an American online travel company that offers user-generated content and comparison between hotels, restaurants, and tourist sites. It also offers hotel reservations and transportation bookings. Tripadvisor is one of the oldest internet travel companies being founded in 2000.

It is not clear to anyone outside of China why it would take umbrage with the popular trip-planning app, but, notably, the Tripadvisor website is still accessible without the use of a VPN or other method of bypassing the "Great Firewall" that Chinese users sit behind.

This decision to ban Tripadvisor by the Communist government of China comes on the heels of a second US court ruling against the banning of TikTok. US district judge Carl Nichols in judgment said that President Trump overstepped his authority when attempting to ban the popular Chinese short video-sharing app on national security grounds. He is the second judge to rule in favour of TikTok.

Tensions between the US and China have been increasingly played out in cyberspace over recent months. When the TikTok ban was announced by President Trump in the summer, the Chinese authorities accused the US of bullying tactics and said it would take "necessary measures" to safeguard the interests of Chinese companies.

The internet continues to remain heavily censored and regulated in the communist nation with major American tech firms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter being blocked.