Twitter wants to charge users Rs 269 per month for new colour themes, undo tweet feature

The subscription service will reportedly be rolled out to the American users first at $2.99 a monthwhile in India it may cost somewhere around Rs 200.

Twitter seem to have accidentally confirmed launching a subscription service. The Twitter subscription service which has been tentatively called "Twitter Blue" will charge users $2.99 per month. As per reports, the in-app purchase for Twitter Blue was added to the App Store listing of Twitter. However, it has not been officially rolled out to users. The subscription service will reportedly be rolled out to the American users first at $2.99 a month while in India it may cost somewhere around Rs 269.

Security researcher Jane Manchun Wong spotted the Twitter update first wrote on Twitter, "Twitter confirms "Twitter Blue", which costs $2.99 per month by publicly including such In-App Purchase on the App Store. For testing, I've become the first paying Twitter Blue customer. Twitter Blue comes with Color Themes as well as custom App Icons. Reader Mode coming soon". Manchun has shared the screenshot of the feature.

The Twitter Blue subscription will let users change the colour of the app icon there are various colour options given in the menu. Similarly, user can also change the colour theme from blue to pink, green, red, yellow, orange and more. Apart from the colour pallets, the Twitter subscription service includes "undo tweet" feature as well as a "reader mode". The undo tweet feature is something that the users have been waiting for while the reader mode will make it easier for users to read long threads. But all these little luxuries that Twitter is offering comes with a price. The Twitter Blue comes at a monthly subscription cost of $2.99 (approximately Rs 200).

Tipster Mukul Sharma has also confirmed seeing the in-app purchases in India. He has tweeted that the services will be priced at Rs 269 in India.

Twitter has also acquired a new startup that would make it possible for users to view news content without ads. The micro-blogging site might also add more features that will definitely tempt users to get the subscription service. While Twitter is yet to make anything official about its feature, it has been added to the in-app purchase in App Store hints that the feature could be launching anytime soon.