Want a house on rent in Bengaluru? You better have a solid LinkedIn profile 

Want a house on rent in Bengaluru? You better have a solid LinkedIn profile 

If you are looking for a house on rent in Bengaluru, make sure you have degrees from colleges like the IIT, IIM or ISB. This is because landlords are asking for them and before renting a house want to take a look at LinkedIn profiles of people seeking their house on rent.

Story highlights
  • Some landlords in Bengaluru are checking Linkedin profiles of people looking for houses.
  • One person was recently refused a house because he was not from IIT.  
  • People on social media say the practice is also followed by landlords in Hyderabad.  

Whoever said that degrees don't matter probably did not go house hunting in Bengaluru, because in that city, it does matter if you are looking to get a flat or a room on rent. Like on the matrimonial sites, you can also get rejected in Bengaluru if you do not hail from an IIT or an IIM. A man in Bengaluru recently shared a screenshot of a bizarre exchange between him and his broker wherein he gets rejected by a landlord for not having a degree from the IIMs and the IITs.

Priyansh Jain, looking for a single occupancy flat in Bengaluru, was taken aback when he was rejected by a landlord for not belonging to a top college. Some flat owners may deny you a flat if you are living alone or living with a partner or if you belong to a particular sect or religion. However, the residents in Bengaluru are not only interested in your relationship status or your religion but are also keen to have a look at your Linkedin profile.

Jain was asked for the link to his Linkedin profile when he enquired about a flat on Facebook. The person who posted the advertisement asked for his background details. He mentioned that the owner was looking for people from a specific background and then went on to ask about Jain's office and college details. Jain replied saying that he worked at Atlassian, an Australian software company and was a vegetarian. Like any other new person who is oblivious to a new city's demands, Jain thought the person might not be open to renting his flat to a non-vegetarian, but being a vegetarian can increase his chances of getting the house. But he was wrong.

The broker then asked Jain about his college, to which Jain said that he had studied at VIT Vellore, which is a private engineering college in Vellore. To much to his dismay, the broker then said no, pointing out that the flat could not be rented out to him because the owner would only give it to people from specific colleges like IIMs, IITs or ISB.

Turns out, this wasn't the only broker he was talking to. The other broker he spoke to also asked for the link to his Linkedin account, suggesting that it has become a norm in Bengaluru. A similar post went viral on Twitter in 2021, which shows that landlords in Bengaluru have been doing this for quite some time.

Jain's post garnered mixed responses on Twitter. Many residents who have faced similar incidents in the city, confirmed that such practices are prevalent in Bengaluru. One of the users wrote that it was not just happening in Bengaluru but had also started in Hyderabad.

Reacting to Jain's post, a Twitter user wrote, "You parents must have forced you to study hard if you're in IIT.... No, actually I got into IIT to get this apartment I've always wanted."

Another user, who seemed supportive of Bengaluru's new tenant hunting ways wrote, "Owner is looking for a secure tenant who will be able to pay rent comfortably without any defaults hence the background check on college and workplace."

Moral of the story: now when your parents ask you to study well to become successful in life, do remember that getting into an IIT and IIM should be your first priority not because it will help you in your career and work but because it will be required if you ever want to get a house on rent in Bengaluru.

Published on: Nov 25, 2022, 12:55 PM IST
Posted by: BT Siteadmin, Nov 25, 2022, 12:42 PM IST