Windows 11 is coming this week and here are my top 3 expectations

Windows 11 is coming this week and here are my top 3 expectations

The leaked Windows 11 ISO has already offered a full look at the next generation of Windows.

Windows 11 desktop and Start menu. (Source: The Verge) Windows 11 desktop and Start menu. (Source: The Verge)
Story highlights
  • Windows 11 is arriving on June 24 as the successor to Windows 10.
  • The Windows 11 had leaked recently giving people the hands-on experience.
  • Among my expectations is more fluidity to Windows transitions and animations.

Windows 11 is officially coming on June 24 at Microsoft's big event, but this was supposed to be a surprise. An early version of Windows 11 ISO made its way to the internet and then to thousands of PCs, allowing people to try out what the next generation of Windows would be like. That is when most changes in the features, as well as visual changes, have already emerged. I was pretty excited to see what was in store before the leak arrived, and when it did, I told myself that some of my expectations had already come through. But while that has happened, I still have some expectations left.

Microsoft's event will actually address the new changes coming to Windows, despite the fact that many people have already tried it. The version that leaked is not the final version of Windows 11, which means there may still be a few things that are under wraps. But going by how Windows rollout works, the leaked version may be the same version that Microsoft would push to Windows Insider testers right after the announcement on June 24. A stable, wider release, however, may take place sometime in the fall, and the date for that is something I am looking forward to hearing from Microsoft at this week's event. And then there are my expectations from Windows 11.

macOS like fluidity

For the better part of my life, Windows was the go-to platform on the PC. And that is why I am familiar with the nitty-gritty of Windows. Then, around 4-5 years back, I got myself a MacBook and it took me some time to get used to how it works. If there is one thing that I think macOS does better than Windows, that is the smooth transitions between anything. The way apps open, close, minimise, maximise looks and feels a lot more fluid than what Windows can show you. I am not saying Windows is bad or anything, it just needs to be a bit suaver in terms of app transitions. I am expecting Windows 11 to bring that.

Switching between desktops

Another thing that I think macOS does better is desktop switching. I have used a good number of Windows 10-powered laptops and none of them can do the triple-finger swipe feature as beautifully and smoothly as MacBooks and Macs. This feature is not popular among desktops, but laptops need to have desktop switching that can actually look beautiful while happening. Some of the Windows laptops that I have used botch the entire experience because the gesture software for the trackpad is not that great.

A gallery for apps

Windows has two types of Start menu. The one is the old style, left-centred Start menu and the Windows 8-style full-screen Start menu. The latter obviously is not the best way to browse apps, while the first one is getting a revamp in Windows 11 by moving to the centre of the screen. The app pop-up is going to be there and it will have your apps listed in one place. But from what I have seen in the leaks, you can pin only so many apps to this window, while for the rest, you will likely have to browse the list-style gallery. I want a bigger app gallery with Windows 11 -- something that does not annoy me while scrolling through it. Sure, the search and open works for when you know the app, but there should be an easier (and prettier) way of looking at apps and opening them.

As I said, many of my expectations already seem to be present in Windows 11, if I am guessing the leaked version is among the original ones. And that leaves me with only three expectations that I have right now.

Microsoft is unveiling Windows 11 on June 24 at 8.30 pm IST.