Wipro CEO seeks business tips from tech-savvy junior employees

Wipro CEO seeks business tips from tech-savvy junior employees

As per a report, Wipro CEO is seeking inputs and suggestions from junior employees who are tech-savvy to revive Wipro's growth.

(Source: Reuters) (Source: Reuters)

Wipro CEO Thierry Delaporte is reaching out to junior employees for suggestions, mainly in the digital area, as the software company steps up focus on digital deals. Delaporte is reportedly seeking suggestions from junior employees, who are digital natives to revive Wipro's growth.

Last week, Delaporte wrote to junior employees who are mainly digital natives, for suggestions and inputs. Wipro, which is a Bengaluru-based software company, focuses on digital deals pushed by clients' increased spending on technology to minimise disruption to their business.

"This shows a sign of change as Delaporte wants to get the pulse from across all levels," a Wipro executive told ET. Delaporte's interactions cover small groups and the wider organisation where he shares his observations and thoughts aside from understanding their aspirations and expectations, a Wipro spokesperson told the publication.

"Delaporte has also taken these opportunities to thank employees for their exceptional resolve and resilience in ensuring seamless business continuity and maintaining high standards of service to our clients in these difficult times," the spokesperson said.

Delaporte took over as the CEO of Wipro in July. When he took over, he wrote to his employees saying that he planned to spend time with senior leaders and teams across units and functions to take a holistic view and understand the opportunities and challenges for the company. The move shows that Wipro is more inclusive as typically organisations reach out to senior employees for inputs.

According to analysts, Delaporte reaching for suggestions from employees across levels could mean he wants to hear from employees directly. The CEO will continue to hold similar conversations frequently with colleagues at all levels across the globe, as per the company.