With Battlegrounds Mobile India launch, PUBG Mobile season count could also be reset

Krafton might be looking to rollout future updates to both games simultaneously.

Story highlights
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India is expected to debut with its season 1 later this week.
  • PUBG Mobile is currently on its nineteenth season.
  • Krafton might refresh that count to bring in a Super Season 1 and a Retro Season 1.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is expected to mark its debut in India later this week. Since it is an altered version of the famous battle-royale action game PUBG Mobile, the upcoming game is likely to feature similar "seasons" to mark its progression. If so, the Battlegrounds Mobile India will begin with its first-ever season upon its launch.

Its global sibling, however, is currently on its nineteenth seasons. It is now being reported that Krafton would restart this count on PUBG Mobile with Season 1 as it introduces Battlegrounds Mobile India.

This means that both the versions of the game will start with the same season count - 1. These seasons keep updating around every two months. The progress brings in new weapons, outfits and other features for players to achieve through gameplay or buy.

The speculations arise through newfound references to Super Season 1 (SS1) and Retro Season 1 (RS1). The mention of the specific seasons has been found in a few video files in the recently released PUBG Mobile 1.5 Beta for developers.

If Krafton brings these terminologies to life, the next stable version of PUBG Mobile will completely reset the season count. The possibility is being called a "Season Reboot" on online platforms.

A report by 91 mobiles cites e-sports players and content creators, stating that the same Super Season 1 (SS1) and Retro Season 1 (RS1) can feature in Battlegrounds Mobile India as well. If so, we can expect similar game features too, including weapons and outfits.

The possibility does come as a surprise, considering that PUBG Mobile is not really connected to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Though both are simply alternate versions of the same game, players of the two cannot play with each other online.

So the reason why the season count had to be similar in the two is yet unknown. It is possible that Krafton sees this as an easy way out, developing the same features and updates for both games simultaneously. This way, the company's resources can be used wisely to bring in similar new experience on the two games periodically.