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Telegram 5.15 adds new features, Fast Media Viewer and People Nearby big highlights

Telegram with its new features on every update is slowly trying to catch up with WhatsApp and is becoming popular among users.

twitter-logo Yasmin Ahmed   New Delhi     Last Updated: February 17, 2020  | 13:50 IST
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  • Telegram has added some new features to the app in a bid to make it more attractive to users.
  • The new features include fast media viewer, people nearby 2.0, redesigned profile pages, 17 New Emojis
  • Telegram is now being known for the new features it offers with every update.

WhatsApp is the top messaging app in the world. But that doesn't mean Telegram, which is also fairly popular and is growing, is sitting idle. Telegram has added some new features to the app in a bid to make it more attractive to users. The update Telegram v5.15 offers new features like Fast Media Viewer, updated profile pages and People Nearby 2.0.

Now, it is true that the revamped features may not immediately help Telegram take on WhatsApp, which now has over 2 billion active users, and which too continues to add new features to the app -- hello upcoming Dark Mode -- but it surely makes Telegram more competitive. This is also particular true because a lot of privacy-minded users are preferring Telegram over WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook.

As far as the new features are concerned, here is how they will work.

Fast Media Viewer:

Why swipe when you can tap? This is precisely the purpose of this feature. It will keep your phone from getting smudged through swiping. This feature works while you are browsing through media in any section of the app. It allows users to browse media files just by tapping on the right and left edges of the screen. It will work with all media sections of the app.

People Nearby 2.0

Last year in June, Telegram (v5.8) had come up with People Nearby feature. The feature allowed the user to build contacts without actually sharing his contact number. Moreover, the feature helped its users to add "location-based" contacts. For instance, if someone was in the vicinity, a user could get in touch with that person without sharing contact numbers. This enhanced the biggest asset for which the messenger is known, i.e. privacy.

In the latest version, Telegram has come up with People Nearby 2.0 feature and it will help the user meet new people, make groups of like-minded people. By clicking on the Contacts section followed by "Add people nearby" the user will be able to add people and can make himself visible by clicking on "make myself visible".

Redesigned Profile Pages:

One can browse through the profile pictures of their contacts. In Telegram's words, the update transforms profiles into "one of the most functional and beautiful sections" of the app.

17 New Emojis

Last but not the least the app has introduced 17 more emojis to choose from.

Telegram is now being known for the new features it offers with every update. It was only a few days back that the messaging platform came up with features like creating customised themes and a "send when online" feature. Apart from this, it came out with Telegram polls which would help the user take responses from his contacts. Earlier, the v5.13 had also introduced verifiable builds where it became the first-ever messaging app to allow users to verify that the code on GitHub is the exact same code used to build the app released on Playstore.

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