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Telegram's latest 6.0 version brings in chat folders, channel stats, other features

Telegram has rolled out new features with its latest version. Features like "chat folders" and "chat stats" are designed for Telegram users.

twitter-logoYasmin Ahmed | April 2, 2020 | Updated 14:08 IST
(Source: Reuters)


  • Telegram’s latest 6.0 version has come up with new features like chat stats, chat folders and other features.
  • These features will enable its users to declutter their chat list and group admins to monitor their channel’s performance.
  • Other features like archives, pinning tweets and syncing chats to the desktop have also been introduced.

Telegram, the messaging app has rolled out two major features in its latest 6.0 version. The latest 6.0 version includes new updates for enhancing user chat experience and channel performance monitoring, the company in its official blog said.

The updates are mainly designed for people who have channels with large numbers of subscribers or people who use the messaging app extensively. The new features include channel stats and chat folders.

The feature called channel stats works well for channel users with over 1000 subscribers. With the new feature, they can now measure stats with regards to the developments in their channel. This will help a user monitor a channel's growth and performance based on multiple parameters like language, new followers, views on the post, new interactions, notifications, etc.

The channel's admin can access graphical representation of the data for a desired period. This feature can be used to analyse channel performance closely. According to Telegram, this feature will help grow the channels in a more defined and targeted manner.

Another feature rolled out by the app is "chat folders". This tool is mainly designed for extensive Telegram users. It can be used to segregate work chats from personal chats. The feature will help the user declutter their chat box if the list is too long.

Telegram has enabled a link on its official blog which will guide its user through creating different groups as per their convenience.

The app has also introduced tools where you can use pins so that you can pin the most important folders in the chat list.

Moreover, Telegram allows its users to archive posts and folders. So instead of deleting the less accessible posts, a user can archive them.

A folder can be archived by swiping left on the screen. It can be viewed again by dragging the screen down. Users must note that when an archived folder gets a notification, it will pop out of the archived folder and jump into the chats list. However, if a folder is muted, even the newly received messages will remain archived forever.

Android users must note that swiping does not work in case a user is already using folders. However, the feature can be enabled by long pressing on a folder.

Other than all the new features, one can sync his Telegram account to his desktop. Secret chats, however, are an exception and cannot be synced with desktop.

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