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'There are tens of thousands of gamers looking to play Valorant in India'

Valorant is a new multiplayer game from the house of Riot Games. It launched on Tuesday and there are tens of thousands of Indian gamers who are looking to play it, Sukamal Pegu, publishing head (Southeast Asia) at Riot Games, tells India Today Tech.

twitter-logoIndia Today Tech | June 2, 2020 | Updated 15:28 IST


  • Valorant is finally available to Indian gamers
  • Valorant is a new multiplayer FPS title by Riot Games
  • Valorant has been launched for PCs for now

On Tuesday, gamers interested in multiplayer FPS games got a new title to try: Valorant. The game, for now, is only available on PC, but there are already millions of people trying it and playing it. In an interview with India Today Tech, Sukamal Pegu, publishing head (Southeast Asia) at Riot Games, details the plan his company has for Valorant.

What is the vision behind Valorant and how is it different from other multiplayer FPS titles like CS: Go?

Our goal in creating an original IP is to give the game a cohesive voice as expressed through all its elements of design, visuals, sound, music and lore. Each part of the game should support the other and amplify the overall experience for our players. Our goal with Valorant has been to create something along these lines. We want our game to feel distinct, memorable and something that can expand and grow over time with our players for many years to come.

If you are a fan of the multiplayer FPS genre, Valorant will feel familiar but at the same time, you will be thrilled with the new ways we have designed for our players to experience this genre.

How has the response been for Valorant during its beta phase? How many players signed up for it?

The response has been great. We managed to break several records online with millions of players signing up. We can't share numbers at the moment. I am sure you can understand that.

Can you give us an idea about the response to the game in India? And how do you think it'll do after being made available to the Indian PC gaming community?

India was not part of the closed beta phase for Valorant. The only indicator we had was the number of requests we had for beta keys during the program. Let's just say that it ran into tens of thousands. We are very excited to bring Valorant at global launch to India with a clear roadmap of how we are going to support the game here. We can't wait to play Valorant with gamers from India!

What are Riot Games' plans for porting Valorant to consoles and smartphones?

At the moment we are focusing on ensuring the game on PC can provide players with the best possible experience. We want to get it right.

Is cross-platform support something we can expect from Valorant in the future?

Consoles and mobile platforms are new experiences and each platform requires a different approach to building games, especially the ones that are cross-platform. At the moment our focus is on our PC launch.

What is the one defining feature of Valorant that you expect to be a major hit with new players?

As I had stated earlier, fans of the multiplayer FPS genre will find Valorant familiar but will also find it unique in the way they can interact with their characters in-game and the constantly evolving Valorant universe.

Our experience in creating a hero based universe like League of Legends leads us to believe that our players will love the uniqueness and hypernatural abilities of each Agent (character) in Valorant, while enjoying the core features of what makes multiplayer FPS awesome!

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