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This year's WWDC could see Apple announcing its own chips for MacBooks

Apple is rumoured to make the announcement of moving to ARM-based chips for its MacBooks and Macs at this year's WWDC event.

twitter-logoAmritanshu Mukherjee | June 10, 2020 | Updated 12:16 IST
Apple MacBook Pro


  • Apple could finally announce its switch to its custom ARM-based chips for the Mac.
  • The new Apple chips are said to offer significant gains in graphical and AI performance.
  • The 12-inch MacBook could be the first model to get the new ARM chips.

ARM-based chips are the next big thing in the world of computers but the switch to these mobile-based chips hasn't happened yet. However, it could be Apple once again that leads the change. Based on a recent media report, Apple may finally announce its intentions to move to ARM-based chips for its computers at this WWDC event. The initial batch of models to get the ARM treatment could be the 12-inch MacBook.

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Apple may finally reveal its decision to make the switch to its custom-designed processors for the next-generation Mac computers. Apple has been said to be working on its own chips for the Mac computers for a long time and in the coming year, we could finally see Apple start making the switch. The custom chips are rumoured to be based on ARM designs.

The new chips are expected to be similar in technology to the ones that power the current crop of iPads and iPhones. The benefits of moving to the new ARM chips include increased performance and better power efficiency. The initial batch of models to get the Apple chips could be the lower-end MacBooks and over the course of time, even the most powerful Mac desktops will use the Apple chips.

Since the new Apple chips will be based on ARM design, it will require developers to adapt their applications to the new architecture. Hence, the announcement at WWDC could give developers enough time to work on their products before Apple finally starts bringing its Macs with the new chips.

Internally, it has been found that the new Apple chips show a significant increase in graphical as well as AI performance. The first few chips are expected to be based on the A14 SoC that is also expected to power this year's iPhones and iPads. Rumours suggest that the initial chips will have a 12-core processor and will be based on the 5nm process.

The work on the custom-designed ARM chips has been happening since a long time. It is said that Apple was unhappy with the diminishing performance gains from the newer Intel processors and hence, it decided to work on its own ARM-based processor.

Apple has been indirectly hinting at a shift to its own chips with the recent iPad models. Some of the recent commercials for the iPad have stated the A12X chip to be more powerful than some of the desktop processors. That and the optimised iPadOS also help in getting the most out of the hardware.

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