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TikTok will now let parents control their kids' activities on the app

TikTok has introduced a new set of parental controls called "Family Safety Mode".

twitter-logoAnkita Chakravarti | February 20, 2020 | Updated 13:00 IST


  • TikTok doesn't allow children below 13 to use the app
  • TikTok has launched a safety app called "Family Safety Mode"
  • The feature allows parents' to keep a check on their childrens' use of app

TikTok has always been in the eye of the storm because of the kind of content that goes around in the app. It was accused of exposing children to sexual predators and pornographic content. Following the allegations, the Bytedance-backed app revised the security measures and also kept a check on the content that goes up. However, despite the flaks that the app had drawn, there was no reduction in the number of users. The rather addictive app continued to attract more and more users every day and the numbers went up like never before.

The TikTok app doesn't allow children under 13 years to use it but it was found out that the majority of young users were surprisingly under thirteen. Children's obsession with the app became a major cause of concern for the parents. However, now TikTok has introduced a new set of parental controls, which is called Family Safety Mode. The new feature will allow the parents to keep a check on their children's use of the app and also set limits on it. The Family Safety Mode will include three other features such as the screen-time management controls, check on direct messages and a restricted mode, that will definitely not allow the children to view any inappropriate content on the app.

Parents who want to keep a check on their children's TikTok app are required to first create an account on the app, which should be linked to the kids' account on TikTok. Once that is done, parents will get access to view how much time their kid is spending on the app and who the teen can direct message and vice versa. The parent can also turn on the restricted mode which will limit the kids' access to any content that is inappropriate.

All the above-mentioned features were earlier available for the users only to set but now with the Family Safety Mode coming to action; it will enable the parents to make those changes for their kids. The settings made by the parents cannot be changed without any sort of involvement from them. So, in case, if the kid decides to change the settings made by his parents, he will not be able to alter them without involving them.

Although it is not clear how much of a respite it would be for the parents, who are worried about their children' addictions with the app, the Safety mode does tackle some of the grievous concerns put forth by the parents.
The feature will be first available in the United Kingdom followed by other countries.

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