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There is nothing wrong if parts of your picture are blurry. In fact, creative use of depth of field can give an aura of mystery to the picture.

The conversation might not be that good, but you don't need a Siri to talk to your gadgets.
In the second of the series on editing photographs on Adobe Photoshop, we deal with the dynamics of brightness and contrast.
New technologies being adopted by television makers allows the usual images to gain depth.
How to rig your computer webcam as a security camera for occasional use
Maybe some sites are banned at your workplace. Using a proxy site to access these sites is common, but may not be secure.
You need not bring home that DTH Set-Top box to record TV shows that you might miss. All you require is a computer with Windows Media Center and a TV tuner installed.
Tell us waht you feel about the stories in Gadget and Gizmos magazine.
In the first part of this series, we told you how to create your own website. Now, we tell you how to earn from your online portal.
A graphics tablet is a computer input device that depends on pressure on a surface grid to create hand-drawn images.
There are different types of batteries for different gadgets. Here is how to extract the most out of both disposable and rechargeable cells.
A PowerPoint presentation is a communication tool that serves you well if you know how to create an effective, interesting one.
Google is more than just a search machine. There are a number of nifty tricks it can do. Here are some.