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Samsung Note 7 tragedy: Everything you need to know

The incidents have shown a terrible impact on the company's image and it also lost a huge amount in shares.

Facebook Messenger has rolled out a new update that will enable users to use chatbots to pay without leaving the application.
E-tailers spent a whopping Rs 1,000 crore on ads last year, but this year it is all about one-upmanship.
Apart from the latest consoles and the cool, relaxing couch, there are a lot of things that should be on your gamer's room list.
While some tech giants are focusing on fitness bands, others are launching smartwatches as the market for wearable devices is swelling up.
With every gadget becoming smart, you now need a portable WiFi device in your pocket all the time.
The Home Ministry has been conducting workshops for the past two months at various centers to study the best police practices and implement them across India.

Both the consoles, Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4, have been in demand and have sold more than a million units each.
The iPhone 6 has faster LTE connectivity and supports higher download speeds. Even for WiFi, it works three times faster than the predecessor and most other smartphones.
When Motorola re-entered India, the market was dominated by domestic handset manufacturers.  Motorola was aggressive with its pricing and it stirred the market.