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Two MacBook 2021 models to sport mini LED screens, says Apple analyst

Renowned Apple analystMing-Chi Kuo has predicted in his recent note that the switch to mini LED screens might happen sooner than later.

twitter-logoShubham Verma | December 3, 2020 | Updated 19:12 IST


  • Apple could introduce mini LED tech on next year's MacBook Pros.
  • Apple is said to bring new, redesigned MacBook models next year.
  • The analyst has said mini LED shipments will increase.

Apple brought a radical change to its MacBook lineup with the ARM-based M1 chipset, which is proving to be a real powerhouse in comparison with previous-generation MacBook models. Next year, the M1 chipset will continue to power some MacBook models but it is widely expected Apple will launch the M2 chipset. Besides that, Apple is planning to introduce mini LED technology for displays and two MacBook Pro models might be the first ones to get it.

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted in his recent note that the switch to mini LED screens might happen sooner than later. This new mini LED technology will be implemented on iPad models but Apple is also said to have a plan to make the transition to mini LED screens for MacBooks too. Kuo has predicted that Apple will be redesigning its MacBook Pro next year and that might include the switch to mini LED screens. The MacBook Pro with a new form factor will be released in 2021, according to Kuo.

Contrary to an earlier prediction, Apple MacBook Pro models could be the first devices to feature the mini LED technology. This is because Kuo predicts, the adoption rate of mini LED on MacBook and its shipment are both "superior" to those of iPad. According to Kuo, "MacBook shipments will grow significantly by about 100 per cent to 3035 million units per year within three years thanks to the adoption of Apple Silicon and the all-new form factor design."

The Apple devices with mini LEDs are now said to ship more than what Kuo previously predicted. Kuo had earlier said that Apple would ship two to three million units in 2021 and four to five million units in 2022. However, Kuo has now predicted that the Cupertino-based giant will increase the shipments to 10-12 million units in 2021 and 25 to 28 million units in the year 2022. The two reasons Kuo has cited will be responsible for the high shipments are the cost improvement of the mini LED and better adoption on the MacBook.

Since the cost of Apple's ARM-based MacBook is lower than that of the Intel-based MacBook, it will help Apple offset the increasing cost of mini LED technology that is said to arrive on MacBook and iPad models, according to the analyst. The Mini LED technology is said to be a new technology for backlighting on LCD screens. This brings the same benefits as the OLED panel but can offer higher brightness, improved power efficiency, and less risk of burn-in.

Kuo had earlier said the mini LED technology could arrive sometime in Q1 2021 on the next-generation 12.9-inch iPad first and on the 11-inch iPad later. While the new note says Apple could prioritise the transition to mini LED with MacBook models, it does not deviate from the previous timeline. This means that the mini LED technology could still be on its way to arrive by the first quarter of 2021.

Besides, Kuo has also said that Apple will introduce two or three new chargers next year. He has not said anything else on what kind of chargers we are looking at but it is widely expected that these chargers will offer fast charging using GaN technology. Maybe Apple will leverage its revamped MagSafe products to launch these chargers.

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