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What is Houseparty and how can you use it to socialize with friends

There are many apps that help you work from home. But what about socialising from home. Houseparty is an app that helps people do it and its popularity is surging nowadays.

twitter-logo Ankita Chakravarti   New Delhi     Last Updated: March 29, 2020  | 18:13 IST


  • Houseparty is an app that creates a virtual space where users can chit-chat or play games together.
  • With people stuck inside homes, the popularity of Houseparty has surged.
  • Houseparty can also let people create their private virtual rooms.

With half of the world under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are resorting to video calling apps to get their professional work done as well as to maintain some normalcy to their lives by virtually catching up with their friends. One of these apps is Houseparty, an app not aimed at remote working or video conferencing but at shared fun. Its popularity is surging now with hundreds of millions of people stuck inside homes. It has become the de facto way to socialise in these times.

This is the reason why Houseparty is now trending at Number 1 on Google Play Store and in places like the UK, it has even surpassed the popularity of the Zoom app. So how is it different from the Zoom app? And how do you socialise?

At its basic, Houseparty is like any other video collaboration app. Like Zoom. The difference is in the intent with which it has been created. Houseparty allows you to host a virtual party at your house. This app allows you to invite your friends to join and video chat with them. Just like Zoom, it also allows you to add as many friends as you want.

But then it does some more. Houseparty is not just like any normal video calling app that only allows you to video chat. The app lets users play many games together while they are talking and chatting, games such as heads up, trivia, chips, and quick draw. The best bit is that you don't have to download these games separately. Houseparty has these games in-built.

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Interestingly, the app notifies a user whenever his friends are online and are having a virtual house party. Users can join an ongoing video call whenever they wish to join, without really needing an invite and they can walk out as freely as they walked in. In fact, it is more of an-always on an app, creating a virtual space where you and your friends can walk and in and out at convenience. Think of it as a virtual drawing room in a house where you are staying with a couple of your friends. In the evening you can join each other in the drawing-room, and an hour later go back to your room. Or your friends can visit you virtually and wave their hand think of it as ringing a doorbell and you can join them in the virtual space for some chit-chat.

At the same time, if some users need privacy and don't want others to join their ongoing chat, they can simply lock the room. To join private chats, you will require the permission of the host. The Houseparty app is available on both the Android Play Store and iOS App Store, so while you are stuck inside homes -- for another 15-odd day at least and missing your friends, maybe hosting a Houseparty.

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