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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P comes to India via Mi Crowdfunding, can both sweep and mop

Xiaomi has introduced its first robot vacuum cleaner in India under the Mi Crowdfunding programme. The robot cleaner can both sweep and mop.

twitter-logo Amritanshu Mukherjee   New Delhi     Last Updated: April 17, 2020  | 12:29 IST


  • The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P has been announced for India at Rs 17,999.
  • The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P can both sweep and mop simultaneously.
  • There’s no need for external accessories to create virtual walls for the cleaner.

Xiaomi has big plans for India in 2020 and apart from launching its high-end phones, the company is also bringing its smart home ecosystem lineup to our shores. After launching an electric toothbrush as well as wireless powerbanks, Xiaomi has now introduced the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P cleaner in the Indian market. Unlike most robot cleaners, this one can both sweep as well as mop but it costs much less than its rivals.

The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P comes to India under the Mi Crowdfunding programme at a price of Rs 17,999. That's extremely cheap when you consider other similar cleaners in the market. Xiaomi is also offering a no-cost EMI offer of Rs 2,999 per month for buyers. The cleaner comes only in black as of now and Xiaomi hasn't listed the white variant that it sells in China.

As the name suggests, the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P can both sweep and mop at the same time. The cleaner can be fitted with a dust bucket only to do sweeping or it can be fitted with the dual purpose mop and sweep bucket to do both the functions. Xiaomi says it has an electronically controlled water tank with three gears of water dispensing modes. The cleaner can dispense water according to the requirement.

When it comes to the sweeping part, the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P has a suction power of 2100pa which it achieves through a brushless motor. This is accompanied by a 3200mAh battery but Xiaomi does not say how long it will hold up in a single charge.

That said, you don't have to worry about the cleaner dying in the middle of its cleaning process. This is a smart cleaner and hence, when it enters the low power mode, the robot will automatically head to the charging base, which needs to be connected to a socket. And thanks to the radar system, it can avoid all obstacles.

The cleaner has a laser navigation system mounted on its top that can scan the surrounding in real-time and create a virtual map of the room. This map will include all obstacles, including chairs, beds, furniture and even a box. The cleaner will create its virtual path for cleaning excluding the obstacles. It can also avoid stairs and edges using its wide array of sensors.

Users will need to pair the cleaner with the Mi Home app in order to access more smart functions. Unlike other robot cleaners that need an accessory to create virtual deadzones, users can simply use the app to block a room or a particular zone for the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P. The app can also show the cleaning path, battery status and other important parameters. To help with the smart features, Xiaomi has used a quad-core 1.2GHz processor along with a dual-core GPU.

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