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Xiaomi teases Mi branded laptops for India, could launch in next few weeks

After launching its flagship Mi 10, Xiaomi may be bringing its much-awaited Mi series laptops to the Indian market.

twitter-logoAmritanshu Mukherjee | May 27, 2020 | Updated 16:05 IST


  • Xiaomi may launch its Mi series notebooks in the Indian market.
  • The Mi Book Air 13-inch could launch with Intel processors.
  • Xiaomi may aim for a sub-Rs 50,000 pricing for these laptops.

It has been long since Xiaomi's Mi Fans have been demanding its famed Mi series laptops to be sold in India. Xiaomi always said that there are plans to bring the laptops to India but without a fixed date. However, it now seems that the company is ready to bring them to our shores as Xiaomi has taken to Twitter to hint at its next product launch for the Indian market. Most importantly, it's not the RedmiBook series that has been getting major attention in China lately.

In its latest post, Xiaomi has hinted at bringing the Mi branded laptops to our country. There's yet to be an announcement on the date or the name of the product but based on the subsequent replies to several Twitter followers, it seems that India may get to see the Mi Book Air 13.3-inch, the recent avatar of the Mi series laptop that was launched in China last year.

The Mi Book Air 13.3-inch is a midrange Windows laptop that's running on the 9th Gen Intel Core processors. If Xiaomi is bringing this model to India, chances are that it may upgrade the processor to the 10th Gen Intel processors and may compete in the sub-Rs 50,000 segment.

It is a possibility to see Xiaomi going for aggressive pricing with its Mi laptops, given that it has to establish itself in the already competitive laptop market. Currently, companies like Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo dominate the lower-end of the laptop market with several kinds of offerings. Most of the ultrabooks under Rs 50,000 end up offering at most a Core i3 processor, an HDD storage, as well as plastic build.

The Mi series laptops will have contrasting benefits to the cheap laptops from these brands. Xiaomi's Mi series notebooks are known to feature premium metal bodies with minimalist and modern designs. Xiaomi could also push for Core i5 processors as standard in its laptops, thereby making its products a better deal for performance seekers.

For the Indian market, Xiaomi will surely rely on Windows 10 as the core operating system but it may sprinkle a few of its apps for better integration with its Mi ecosystem. Hence, chances are that the Mi laptops will be able to share files with Xiaomi phones running on MIUI. The Chinese models also come with Microsoft Office pre-loaded and we don't expect anything different for the Indian variants.

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