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You can win Golden Helmet, Apple AirPods and more in PUBG MOBILE New Year celebrations: Here's how

PUBG MOBILE is coming up with its New Year celebrations offering several in-game rewards. Players will also be able to win AirPods and a physical Golden Helmet.

twitter-logoAmritanshu Mukherjee | January 22, 2020 | Updated 13:29 IST


  • The Prosperous Spring celebration comes with two major in-game events.
  • Players can earn a permanent outfit in the Classic Mode matches building lanterns.
  • Players can also win Golden Helmets and Apple AirPods during the celebrations.

It won't be wrong anymore to say that PUBG MOBILE is more than just a game. It's a place where friends hang out, fighting other people while having conversations and even make new friends. Hence, the game developers are trying new ways to make the experience better constantly with new seasons that bring new missions and goals. The PUBG MOBILE team is doing the same once again on the occasion of the New Year, bringing new goals and missions that come with some exciting rewards.

The in-game celebrations are based on the upcoming spring season as well as the Chinese New Year. Players around the world can now enter a special in-game event called the 'Prosperous Spring' and they will be rewarded with exciting prizes that include both in-game items as well as real physical items. The PUBG MOBILE team even has a new slogan for the event (if you are into such things) - Winner Winner Lucky Together.

The Prosperous Spring celebration comes with two major in-game events. The first one is called the Spring Party Lantern Exchange and it rewards with an in-game permanent prize. Players will have to play the Classic Mode matches and collect different materials throughout the matches to build lanterns. There is a total of four lantern phases to build, with each lantern requiring five separate unique materials to complete. Players can even exchange materials to assemble all the lanterns. The ultimate prize will be a permanent outfit for use in all matches.

Another event that's part of the Prosperous Spring celebration is called Red Packet Drops. This doesn't require players to participate in particular matches. All PUBG MOBILE players will receive red packets from the main menu for unlocking. All these packets offer players the chance to win a physical Golden Helmet that will be delivered to the players. One can also stand a chance to win other rewards such as Apple AirPods and gift cards from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The in-game events will be available for all layers to try out and you will possibly need to download another in-game update. PUBG MOBILE is also rewarding regular players with daily login rewards until January 30, which will give players a Rat Costume for use in all matches.

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