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Zynn discontinues pay-to-watch for new rewards system, still banned on app stores

Zynn launched on both Google Play Store and Apple's App Store in May but was removed within a month's time owing to plagiarism.

twitter-logoShubham Verma New Delhi Last Updated: June 18, 2020 | 17:31 IST


  • Zynn has introduced a new rewards system on its app.
  • It is called ZynnCheers and replaces the old pay-to-watch system.
  • However, Zynn has not been reinstated on both Google and Apple's app stores.

Zynn, the clone-app that was recently banned from the app marketplaces on both Android and iOS, is removing the controversial feature that pays users on watching videos on the platform. Instead, the app is introducing a new rewards system for users, wherein the digital currency is replaced what are known as ZynnCheers points.

The ZynnCheers system rewards users with points, which keep accumulating for an account, on watching more and more videos, in addition to liking and posting comments. ZynnCheers, according to what the app says, is a new "rewards system where you can accumulate credit by using our app and interacting with our community." Only the company has not clarified how these points can be redeemed.

The company has also stated that it is seeking answers from users about what ZynnCheers could be, other than what has already been planned. The pay to watch system, however, is not something that is going to go soon from the app -- a feature that helped the app surge to the top on both Google Play Store and App Store charts before the app was removed. The new rewards system will become one of the reasons why Zynn users will cling on to using it, even after the pay-to-watch system is gone.

According to The Information, the company that created the Zynn app, Kuaishou began the pay-to-watch model to take on ByteDance. The company received an investment of around $2 billion from the Chinese giant Tencent as a countermeasure the growing popularity of ByteDance's products in the Chinese market and elsewhere.

Zynn debuted on the app marketplaces in May but was removed from both Google Play Store and Apple's App Store, owing to allegations that users were stealing content. While the app has not been reinstated to both the marketplaces, Zynn's latest rewards system will be available to people who already have the app on their Android and iOS phones, or they know to download and install outside of the app stores.

Moreover, it is also not clear whether the latest rewards system will help Zynn get rid of plagiarism on the platform. Other apps that promote short-form videos and other content, such as Zynn, are available on both app stores, despite the daily copyright infringement by the users. TikTok is one such app that lets users superimpose the videos shot by them over a popular music track, the copyrights of which are mostly not purchased.

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